Kamala Harris to beat Donald Trump to the border

  • Kamala Harris to beat Donald Trump to the border

Kamala Harris to beat Donald Trump to the border

Harris said earlier this month, while on a trip to Guatemala and Mexico, that she would go to the border soon.

Symone Sanders, the vice president's senior adviser and chief spokesperson, confirmed the trip in a statement, saying, "Earlier this year, the President asked the Vice President to oversee our diplomatic efforts to address the root causes of migration from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras".

Vice President Kamala Harris is set to visit the border this week, and reporters at Wednesday's White House briefing questioned press secretary Jen Psaki on the reason and the timing.

U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris will visit the U.S. -Mexico border on Friday for the first time since taking a lead role in immigration issues, her office said, bowing to pressure that she make the high-profile trip. Earlier in June, she dismissed a border visit as a "grand gesture".

Harris will "assess and take a look at progress that's been made", she said.

That time has arrived because the number of immigrant children in USA government custody has declined from levels that saw facilities both on and off the border overcrowded, Psaki added.

They discussed an NBC interview where Harris, Psaki said, noted that she would be "open to going to the border at an appropriate time". Shortly after the news of Harris' visit began circulating, Trump released a statement claiming that if he and Abbott "weren't going there next week, she would have never gone!" By itself and at any other time, the news would not have been a big deal, but her delay in her visiting the border months after she was entrusted with dealing with the root causes of migration by President Joe Biden - along with her testiness when asked about it - has brought forth a cascade of criticism from across the political spectrum.

The U.S. military reinstates a diversity officer who was investigated over social media posts comparing former President Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler.

"In April there were 22,000 kids in HHS facilities, and now there are 14,000".

Border agents have also seen a surge in adults and families. Some Democrats who represent border districts have joined Republicans in criticizing the Biden administration's handling of the situation. Many linked the trip to Trump's planned visit.

"We made an assessment within our government about when it was an appropriate for her to go to the border", Psaki said.

President Joe Biden assigned Harris the task of addressing the root causes of migration of thousands of people from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras who cross the USA border from Mexico.