Barnaby's back - Nationals oust McCormack as leader

  • Barnaby's back - Nationals oust McCormack as leader

Barnaby's back - Nationals oust McCormack as leader

"If Mr McCormack remains in that position we are keen to keep working with him, and would also like to invite the new Deputy Prime Minister, Barnaby Joyce, to visit Benalla so he can see the two Inland Rail plans now on the table - and why we prefer the track realignment".

The affair led to then prime minister Malcolm Turnbull introducing the "Bonk Ban", which made having sex with staff against code of conduct.

"If the Morrison-McCormack government was going so well, why have you been replaced?" Labor leader in the House Tony Burke asked.

"The Opposition Leader mentions the leadership changes in the Liberal-Nationals government".

He replied: 'I thank the member for her question. They were dysfunctional. They were chaotic.

"Mr McCormack's commitment to engage with the Civil Contractors Federation and infrastructure sector more broadly has also been appreciated by industry, particularly as we grappled with the initial economic impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic".

Barnaby Joyce insisted he has a "vested interested" in women's safety because he is the father of four daughters, sparking laughter from Labor politicians who are concerned about his treatment of women.

"Which one?" cried some Labor MPs, prompting a telling-off from the Speaker.

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Nationals deputy leader for Victoria Steph Ryan on Tuesday said she believed Mr Joyce's previous actions meant he should not have returned to the leadership.

Mr McCormack last week refused to give full-throated backing to Resources Minister Keith Pitt, who claimed a net zero emissions target flagged by Mr Morrison had not been raised with the junior coalition partner.

Mr Joyce has repeatedly denied the accusations, and the investigation was inconclusive.

"Three years on, it's now up to Mr Joyce to rebuild that trust, and to prove that his focus is very much on regional Australia and making sure that we've got a government that's ready to take us to the next election", Ms Davies told reporters on Monday.

The outgoing Deputy Prime Minister soldiered through the barrage, insisting "we will always do the right things by jobs in regional Australia".

Mr Morrison used the political tour overseas, including his attendance at the G7 summit, to commit Australia to fighting climate change.

Barnaby Joyce, best known internationally for threatening to euthanize Johnny Depp's dogs, defeated incumbent Michael McCormack in a snap internal party vote, elevating him to the role of deputy PM.

Mr Albanese demanded to know whether Mr Joyce still supported the family being moved to Biloela as Deputy Prime Minister, but the question was ruled out of order as it referred to his time outside the ministry.