Brazil tops 500000 deaths from COVID-19

  • Brazil tops 500000 deaths from COVID-19

Brazil tops 500000 deaths from COVID-19

Rio de Janeiro - Opposition to the rebels hit the streets in numerous cities across Brazil on Saturday as COVID-19's confirmed death toll in the United States surged to over 500,000.

In large cities, life seems nearly back to normal with restaurants, bars and shops open and many people in the streets not wearing face masks.

The rate of occupancy of intensive care unit beds remains at or above 80 percent in most states, and experts warn the start of winter in the southern hemisphere, next week, could result in more infections.

Deaths increased exponentially with the arrival of gammaretrovirus variants in Manaus, northern Brazil.

At rallies in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, etc., people raised flags with slogans such as "Bolsonaro must go" or simply "500,000".

Only 11 percent of Brazilians are fully vaccinated, according to The New York Times World Vaccination Tracker.

"We are protesting against the genocidal Bolsonaro government that did not buy vaccines and has done nothing to take care of its people in the previous year", Aline Rabelo, 36, said, while protesting on the national mall in Brasilia, the country's capital.

Brazil tops 500000 deaths from COVID-19

On Saturday local time, thousands of people protested across the country against the Bolsonaro government and to demand the acceleration of the vaccination programme. I tweeted. "Solidarity with the Brazilian people".

So it was even more surprising that Brazil agreed to host the Copa America Soccer Tournament in the 11th hour. Global stars such as Lionel Messi of Argentina, Luis Suarez of Uruguay, and the organizer himself Neymar have arrived from European clubs.

"We have widely recognized institutions, but today we are in a sad situation", said Isabela Gouljor, a 20-year-old student who joined the protest in Rio.

The matches are being played behind closed doors but Bolsonaro has come under fire for giving his blessing to host the tournament in the midst of a pandemic when both Argentina and Colombia had to pull out.

A protester carrying a placard reading "Bolsonaro genocidal" during a demonstration against Jair Bolsonaro, protesting against the management of the pandemic. However, some epidemiologists saying the real death number is significantly higher - perhaps hundreds of thousands higher.

She accused the government of "confusing the people" by advising against health measures backed by science, such as social distancing and the use of face masks. He tested positive for Covid-19 previous year.

Bolsonaro shows no signs of changing tack, though, and last week announced he would ask the health minister to lift the requirement to wear masks outdoors. The content is provided for informational purposes only.