Coronavirus: AstraZeneca, EU both claim victory in tussle over vaccine deliveries

  • Coronavirus: AstraZeneca, EU both claim victory in tussle over vaccine deliveries

Coronavirus: AstraZeneca, EU both claim victory in tussle over vaccine deliveries

It's important to note that people who already have scheduled appointments for Pfizer vaccines will still get their shots, the ministry said. The company is the second-largest pandemic vaccine supplier to the European Union, behind Pfizer, which so far has provided 233 million doses of its vaccine compared to AstraZeneca's 66 million.

AstraZeneca's image has been hurt by the slow pace of its vaccine production, but despite European Union dissatisfaction with the speed of deliveries the Commission still recommends the company's shots as effective protection against the coronavirus.

"It may in some people stimulate a stronger, perhaps more longer-lasting, immune response, so you may get the best of both worlds out of that", Dr. Bonnie Henry said.

"People who have received their first dose are likely to never go to the ICU even if they contract COVID-19", Masri said.

Bates said pharmacies will now need more supply of mRNA vaccines to meet what he expects will be increased demand for those shots.

In B.C., AstraZeneca was rolled out in March and April during the third wave of the pandemic as a way to immunize high-risk workers and people not yet eligible through the age-based rollout that mostly used Pfizer.

After AstraZeneca-related blood clotting appeared around the world in young people, Henry suspended use of that vaccine for people aged under 30. There are no first-dose AstraZeneca clinics planned at this time and all AstraZeneca second dose clinics will be offered through the Saskatchewan Health Authority.

As Europe battled the COVID-19 pandemic and looked to AstraZeneca for a much-needed vaccine, officials there took an unusual step earlier this year of suing the company over supply shortcomings.

"AstraZeneca has fully complied with its agreement with the European Commission and we will continue to focus on the urgent task of supplying an effective vaccine".

The court ruled the drugmaker has to deliver 15 million doses by July 26; 20 million doses by August 23; and a final 15 million doses by September 27, according to the court. This is because the time lapse between the first and second vaccines for Sinopharm is about two times shorter than AstraZeneca. We know these speed bumps happen, and while disappointing, they're not unexpected, given the complexity of the global immunization efforts.

A total of 89,042 doses of AstraZeneca have been administered in Saskatchewan to date.

The province also reported 1,389 active cases of COVID-19 on Friday, along with one additional death.

There were 352 patients in intensive care due to COVID-19 including 16 patient transfers from Manitoba.

Nearly 25 million Canadians have now received at least one dose of vaccine, and nearly six million are now fully vaccinated.