British traveller punches crocodile to save her twin sister in Mexico

  • British traveller punches crocodile to save her twin sister in Mexico

British traveller punches crocodile to save her twin sister in Mexico

"Luckily, her super-badass twin sister was there to punch it repeatedly - as it came back about three times - to try and save her".

"It must have been a smaller animal, because if it had been a big one, she would not have resurfaced", said Silva, whose office responds many times each year to crocodiles entering human-occupied areas around the lagoon. She recognised Georgia. That is really, really good news.

Lalo took me to the site where the attack happened and explained that properly-trained boatmen like him are anxious that the irresponsible actions of a rogue guide could harm their business.

The women's mother Sue Laurie told the Mail Online: "We have twin daughters who are travelling around Mexico and were attacked by a crocodile last night".

Hana said: "It's obviously a hard situation with Covid but also with her being intubated and unresponsive at the moment".

Speaking about Georgia's heroics, she said: "She was very courageous".

She added: "I would like to point out she's not a brawling type, normally. Starting a fight and punching someone is not really my sister's style, but clearly if you're a crocodile, the rules don't apply". "She said her adrenaline kicked in and she knew what to do", she said.

A GoFundMe page set up by Hana to raise money to help cover medical costs for the twins has raised almost £38,000.

She said: 'Melissa recognised me and she smiled at me.

Georgia has now been discharged from hospital, but Melissa remains in a "delicate" condition.

But Melissa must overcome her physical injuries and both women will need time to deal with the emotional and mental fallout of what they have been through. "She suffered lacerations, bite wounds too".

"There's now no change in information for Melissa's condition which remains "delicate", but we think stable".

The family set up a crowdfunding page with a goal of reaching £35,000 to help pay for medical bills and fly the twins' parents to Mexico.

"Georgia had to fight it off".

However, when Georgia realised that the reptile was trying to drag her sister underwater, she overcame her fears and punched it in the face.

The twins, from Berkshire, had been in Mexico to volunteer, work in animal sanctuaries and travel.

Their father Sean added: "They were swimming after dark in the bioluminescent waters when Georgia heard Melissa cry out. She kept punching it in the head".

Hana previously said the pair had booked a tour with a guide through their hostel and the women found out later their tour guide was not registered and had taken them to a swimming spot that was unsafe.