"The United States Is Back": Biden On First Day Of Europe Tour

"The United States Is Back": Biden On First Day Of Europe Tour

The sequencing of the trip is deliberate: Biden consulting with Western European allies for much of a week as a show of unity before his summit with Putin. He will visit the United Kingdom from June 9 to 13 to attend the Group of Seven (G7) Summit and hold bilateral meetings with leaders of G7 members. Discussions are expected to focus on relations with China and Russian Federation, as well as the USA troop withdrawal from Afghanistan. Biden and the other G-7 leaders will announce an infrastructure financing program for developing countries that is meant to compete directly with Beijing's Belt-and-Road Initiative. Biden has said his trip to the continent is about "rallying the world's democracies".

Trump argued that the United States can't afford to be the world's policeman, an isolationist stance popular with his voters.

Biden's meeting on the sidelines of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan promises to be especially prickly.

Mr Biden will also issue a stern warning to both Boris Johnson and the European Union not to "imperil" the Northern Ireland peace process.

But beyond the immediate challenges of boosting vaccine donations to poorer regions and reinvigorating post-pandemic economies, Biden's agenda features the even bigger task of shoring up a somewhat-tattered group of democracies against Russian Federation and China.

Sullivan on Monday said the Biden administration does not expect significant deliverables from the summit.

The European Union is hoping its summit with the U.S. will bring an end to trade disputes.

White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan told reporters on Monday that the best way to realise what Moscow plans to do is to hear directly from Russian President Vladimir Putin.

But Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that with decades in the Senate and eight years as vice president under Barack Obama, Biden has done his homework.

President Nixon who flew in to meet Prime Minister Harold Wilson in 1969.

Joe Biden on Wednesday declared triumphantly that "The United States is back!", as he kicked off his first overseas tour as president, hoping to leave behind the rancour and isolation of the Trump era.

The most tactile of politicians, Biden has grown frustrated by the diplomacy-via-Zoom dynamics of the pandemic and has relished the ability to again have face-to-face meetings that allow him to size up and connect with world leaders. "There is simply a lot we have to work through".

Biden is facing pressure to press Putin on cybersecurity after a series of hacks and ransomware attacks, some of which appear to have originated within Russia's borders. Biden also wants to nudge outlying allies, including Australia, to make more aggressive commitments to the worldwide effort to curb global warming.

"Who knows at this point", he said.