British PM to urge G7 to vaccinate world by end of 2022

  • British PM to urge G7 to vaccinate world by end of 2022

British PM to urge G7 to vaccinate world by end of 2022

Act 2015, it is the duty of the Secretary of State to ensure that the target for official development assistance to amount to 0.7% of gross national income is met by the United Kingdom each year.

Despite this, he said ministers should give the Commons "the respect it deserves" and find a way to allow MPs an "effective decision" on the target.

But no vote is expected at the end of today's debate, as Tory rebels believe that it would be pointless to force a purely symbolic division which would not be binding on the government and is likely to be boycotted by most Conservatives, including Mr Johnson himself.

Ms May and others - including former worldwide development secretary Andrew Mitchell and Commons defence committee chair Tobias Ellwood - will argue that the cuts threatens the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in poor countries and damage the UK's "soft power" overseas.

The British prime minister will call on fellow G7 leaders to make concrete commitments to "vaccinate the entire world against coronavirus by the end of 2022", the statement said. He said the government was treating the House of Commons with "disrespect". Mr Johnson is hoping to put his best foot forward on the world stage as the leaders of wealthy democracies jet in for a three-day meeting in Cornwall from Friday. The U.K. will also host a major environmental summit later this year in Glasgow, Scotland.

"Up 'til now, however, the House has not had an opportunity for a decisive vote on maintaining the UK's commitment to the statutory target of 0.7%".

Boris Johnson has escaped the potential of an immediate Commons defeat after a rebel amendment created to reverse the government's cuts to overseas aid was not selected for consideration by the Speaker.

"It's a life-and-death issue", former Labour Party Prime Minister Gordon Brown told the BBC.