Killing of Canada Muslim family with truck was hate crime

  • Killing of Canada Muslim family with truck was hate crime

Killing of Canada Muslim family with truck was hate crime

"It is unimaginable. The act of killing an entire family, the way that this hate crime is rocking our entire country", he told guest host David Common.

The incident occurred Sunday evening when a truck plowed into the group of pedestrians.

He was arrested in a mall parking lot without incident while wearing a body-armor-type vest, police said.

Minutes later, she said, she came upon a gruesome, chaotic scene at an intersection near her home, with first responders running to help, a police officer performing chest compressions on one person and three other people lying on the ground. The family requested the names not be released, officials said.

The deceased include a 74-year-old female, a 46-year-old male, a 44-year-old female, and a 15-year-old female.

A 9-year-old boy remains in hospital in serious condition. He now faces four counts of first-degree murder and one of attempted murder, police said.

Waight said police in London were consulting with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and prosecutors about potentially filing terrorism charges.

Investigators say one pedestrian who was struck was pronounced dead at the scene, while a number of others later succumbed to their injuries in hospital.

He pointed to recent examples of Islamophobia-motivated violence, including a shooting at a Quebec City mosque in 2017 that left six dead and scores injured.

"The National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) is beyond horrified and demands justice after the horrific auto attack on a Muslim family in London, Ontario who were out for a walk on Sunday evening".

London Mayor Ed Holder had this message for the Muslim community.

Paige Martin said she was in her vehicle stopped at a red light around 8:30 p.m. on Sunday when a large, black truck came up behind her and flew past at high speed.

She said that she believed the victims who were struck were "a family just out for a walk".

Martin said there were a few dozen people on the sidewalk, and several drivers got out of their cars to help.

"I'm still in shock", said Martin visibily emotional.

Just prior to the attack, Alek Minassian posted on Facebook a reference to an online community of "involuntary celibates" whose sexual frustrations led them to embrace a misogynist ideology.

"He loved to walk with his family". They have not been named, in accordance with the wishes of the family.