Apple's iOS 15 Updates to Facetime Puts Zoom and Teams on Notice

  • Apple's iOS 15 Updates to Facetime Puts Zoom and Teams on Notice

Apple's iOS 15 Updates to Facetime Puts Zoom and Teams on Notice

SharePlay also supports screen sharing.

Apple kicked off its Worldwide Developers Conference keynote by focusing on FaceTime.

FaceTime will also gain new features in iOS 15, including a new grid option, spatial audio support, and the option to blur your background.

FaceTime's new (sort of) cross-platform capabilities will debut with iOS 15 and iPadOS 15, but it's just one of the new features coming to the service. Audio will also improve on iOS 15, thanks to a voice isolation feature. FaceTime links will make it easy for users to share a group call and also permits Android users to join in the call from their browser. Apple says that at launch, multiple apps will work with SharePlay such as Disney+, Hulu, TikTok, NBA, ESPN+, Twitch, PlutoTV, and several others. If you have DND turned on and someone messages you, they'll receive a reminder saying that you're busy at the moment. A New Shared With You section will show up in those apps so you can see who shared it with you and jump back into a message to continue discussing the content. The feature will let you mute your device's notification alerts based on what you're doing at the time. Apple will provide an alternative way to help senders bypass the DND mode for truly important messages, though. For instance, if you're working and have the work profile for Focus turned on, you will only receive work-related notifications on your phone.

If you want to give your doctor a peek at your stats, iOS 15 will let you share things like heart rate, detected falls, hours of sleep, or exercise minutes. You'll be able to copy and paste that text in an email, look up more information from the photo, or translate text from seven different languages.

Apple hasn't yet detailed when iOS 15 will be publicly available, but traditionally the new version of iOS rolls out alongside new iPhones in spring.