Aiden Leos: Two arrested after shooting of Californian boy, aged 6

  • Aiden Leos: Two arrested after shooting of Californian boy, aged 6

Aiden Leos: Two arrested after shooting of Californian boy, aged 6

Officials have not said if anyone will receive the reward money following the arrests.

Eriz Marcus Anthony, 24, and Wynne Lee, 23, were arrested in Costa Mesa, California, outside their home.

Shortly before or after 8 a.m. on May 21, Aiden's mother, Joanna Cloonan, was driving a silver Chevrolet Sonic northbound on the 55 between the Garden Grove (22) Freeway and Chapman Avenue in Orange when a road rage incident ensued with the occupants of a white Volkswagen station wagon - believed to be Anthony and Wynne - who perceived her to have made unsafe lane change, according to the CHP.

A vehicle, a white Volkswagen, and a gun used in the incident were recovered at different locations, California Highway Patrol Assistant Chief Don Goodbrand said during a Tuesday news conference.

Lee was believed to be driving the vehicle and Eriz was in the front seat and is suspected to be the gunman, said county District Attorney Todd Spitzer, who held up a photograph of Aiden at the news conference. "It doesn't bring the little boy back, little Aiden's gone, but I'm so thankful some justice will be served". "We have to promise him that".

According to the Orange County Jail roster, Eriz and Lee are both being held on a $1 million bond and are scheduled to appear in court Monday.

A funeral service was held Saturday afternoon for Aiden. According to accounts from the mother and witnesses who stopped to help her, another vehicle cut her off, she responded with a hand gesture and the auto slipped in behind her and someone inside fired a shot through the rear of her vehicle.

The auto that cut her off, allegedly driven by Anthony and Lee, then got behind Cloonan and shot into the back of her vehicle. Leos was struck in the abdomen. "And my son said, 'Ow, ' and I had to pull over".

"You loved to play with toys for hours". There are only 140 of those models in the state, Fox 11 reported.

Eriz also showed knowledge and ownership of firearms through purchases and on social media.

Within a week of the shooting, Spitzer voiced his frustration that no suspects had turned themselves in to police despite the highly publicized nature of the crime and the outpouring of grief and support. "So now it's time for the [criminal justice] system to do what it's created to do".

There have been very few details about what led to the suspects' capture Sunday.

"On behalf of Border Division Chief Omar Watson, and the Santa Ana Area, we are deeply grateful for the professionalism and tireless commitment of our investigators who have worked on this case from day one to find those responsible for Aiden's death, " CHP Commissioner Amanda Ray said in a statement Sunday.

The killing came amid concerns over a spate of freeway shootings in Southern California.