Biden Pays Tribute to Nation's War Dead on Memorial Day Weekend

  • Biden Pays Tribute to Nation's War Dead on Memorial Day Weekend

Biden Pays Tribute to Nation's War Dead on Memorial Day Weekend

It was Biden's second Memorial Day address for the weekend, a marker of how significant the holiday is to him.

Milley will join President Biden as he gives Memorial Day remarks at the cemetery in honor of Memorial Day Monday.

Following the ceremony at around 10:30 am EST, Mr. Biden will address the 153rd National Memorial Ceremony.

Before the president's remarks, senior military leaders and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin also delivered remarks at the service, honoring those now in service as well as fallen troops.

"Remember their sacrifice, their valor and their grace", Biden said.

In the cold rain, Mr. Biden attended an annual ceremony at Newcastle, not far from his home in Wilmington, the day before the official event at Arlington National Cemetery.

Memorial Day weekend, a long and important moment for Biden, was even more devastating this year as the president spoke frequently and emotionally about his loss, expressing public appreciation for the sacrifices of others. became.

"We must remember the price that was paid for our liberties", Biden said at the War Memorial Plaza near the Delaware Memorial Bridge.

"Our son did not die in Iraq, but he came back - went as an incredibly healthy young man and came back with a severe brain tumor because his [living quarters] was just downwind from those burn pits - I don't know if that's the reason".

"They're the guardians of us and we're the guardians of their legacy", Biden said of those who served in the armed forces.

He thanked military families who have lost loved ones in the line of service. Mr. Biden leaned forward during the 75-minute ceremony of "God Breath America". When it was time, he snapped a salute to the wreath laid at the memorial.

Last year, as a presidential candidate, Biden also attended the commemoration in DE on Memorial Day. After the service, the Bidens greeted well-wishers outside the church and, for the first time in more than a year, were able to receive warm hugs and handshakes at their home parish.

Biden praised the generations of service members who have "made the ultimate sacrifice" to protect the country and the ideals it stands for. "My heart is torn in half by the grief".

Biden also underscored his recent decision to pull troops out of Afghanistan later this year, expressing gratitude to service members who took multiple tours of duty in America's longest war.

He avoided most of the details of worldwide affairs on Sunday, but promised to put pressure on Russia's Vladimir Putin on human rights at a summit in Geneva next month, with the United States president Donald Trump on the world, China. "We're Americans. We're Americans who have given their lives".