Pfizer tells Centre its vaccine suitable for 12 years and above

  • Pfizer tells Centre its vaccine suitable for 12 years and above

Pfizer tells Centre its vaccine suitable for 12 years and above

United States pharmaceutical firm Moderna says it will try to expand the use of its COVID-19 vaccine to people aged 12 and older, as it has confirmed the shot is safe and effective for adolescents.

According to the ministry of health and family welfare (MoHFW) data, cumulative Covid-19 vaccines were at 20,06,62,456 with 15,71,49,593 first dose and 4,35,12,863 second dose of the vaccine.

"The current situation in India, and across the world, is not business as usual' and we must not respond to it with processes as usual too", a source quoted Pfizer as having communicated to the Indian government.

But, when will these vaccines be available in India and why India needs them? Daily positivity rate was now at 9.43% and has remained less than 10% for two consecutive days.

In its latest communication to the government, Pfizer has also thanked the Government of India to have agreed to its request for procurement through a central government pathway and to discuss "the Indemnity and Liability protection".

India this month recorded its highest COVID-19 death toll since the pandemic began a year ago, accounting for just over a third of the overall total.

India is moving towards vaccine sufficiency as inoculations with the Russian vaccine Sputnik V began in the country earlier this month.

The company is, however, open to considering safety surveillance of the first 100 subjects after understanding the process to be followed.

In the study, a vaccine efficacy rate of 93 percent was observed more than 14 days after the first dose.

The company - which had never before brought a drug to market - has had trouble meeting insatiable global demand for its vaccine.

But supplies are far short of the millions of doses the world's second-most populous country needs.

The statement said that the company was also planning to submit the data from the trial to a peer-reviewed publication.

The Phase 2/3 trial included 3,732 participants, two-thirds of whom received two doses of the Moderna vaccine while the others received a placebo.