NY prosecutors probing Trump form grand jury

  • NY prosecutors probing Trump form grand jury

NY prosecutors probing Trump form grand jury

That reported length of time appears to allow the grand jury time to wrap up their work before final race to determine who will be the New York County District Attorney, with primaries slated for June and the general election in November.

The Manhattan District Attorney's Office has convened a special grand jury to decide whether the prosecution is justified against former President Trump or a company bearing his name, sources told ABC News.

The WashingtonPost reports the grand jury panel has already convened and is anticipated to sit three days a week for six months.

Trump, however, has labelled this investigation as a "witch hunt" and has claimed he is being "unfairly attacked and abused by a corrupt political system". Tuesday's development marks an aggressive new phase in Vance's years-long investigation, which legal experts suspect is nearing its end stages.

Earlier this month, Politico reported that officials in Florida, where Trump resides, were putting together "contingency plans" in the event that he faced a criminal indictment from NY.

Since 2019, Vance's office has been investigating allegations that the Trump Organization committed insurance and bank fraud.

James is leading a criminal investigation into whether Trump's company misreported property values to guarantee loans and receive economic and tax breaks. In other words, the Trump case could somehow be passed on to a successor.

In February, the US Supreme Court upheld Vence's investigation by clarifying how prosecutors would execute and obtain subpoenas at Trump's accounting firm.

A week ago, the Attorney General's office in NY said it had launched a criminal investigation into Mr. Trump's company, increasing the legal risk of Mr. Trump and his family.

The grand jury will be looking into the matters where Trump has been accused of paying hush women to tackle his hidden sexual relationships with women also his improper relations with lenders.

Trump, who held the post of USA president and ran a Republican administration from January 2017 to January 2021, registered as a Republican, a Democrat or an Independent in his earlier years, according to public records.

The DA's investigation is being carried out alongside the office New York Attorney General Letitia James, which revealed last week that the investigation into the Trump Organization was being conducted "in a criminal capacity". His lawyer declined to comment when asked if he was summoned to testify before a new grand jury on Tuesday.

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