Johnson & Johnson seeks COVID-19 vaccine approval in Japan

  • Johnson & Johnson seeks COVID-19 vaccine approval in Japan

Johnson & Johnson seeks COVID-19 vaccine approval in Japan

"The Centre has not approved Pfizer and Moderna whereas the world over they have been approved and bought by countries", he said.

Confident of catering to the emergency scenario through a quick scale-up in production and distribution, the Pfizer spokesperson said, "We use a centralised manufacturing approach based on multiple manufacturing sites in the U.S. and Europe".

Many health experts have said that India should have, during the second half of 2020, invested in vaccine procurement through advance purchase pacts just as other major countries - the U.S., the UK, Brazil, among others - had done.

The Punjab government on Monday said that after Moderna, Pfizer has also refused to send its vaccine directly to it as, according to their policy, they only dealt with the Government of India.

"Throughout 2020, the Centre directed the states not to independently procure vaccines, assuring them that the Centre would do so", a public health expert who requested anonymity told The Telegraph.

Moderna Inc says its coronavirus vaccine appears to be safe and effective in children ages 12 to 17.

Pfizer has said that it is "working with Federal Governments across the world to supply its Covid-19 vaccine for use in National Immunization programs", according to Vikas Garg, Punjab's Nodal Officer for vaccination.

"I am constrained to take up the issue of vaccination, especially for the youth of our country, which has been messed up due to the policy mis-steps and it is high time that we take corrective measures. It was the Centre's responsibility to make vaccines available to the entire country, but it chose to sell doses to others first merely for image management across the globe", he said. It failed to manage and sustain its vaccination drive.

The deputy chief minister urged the Central government to expedite approvals to foreign vaccines, and procure, and distribute them among states.

All efforts would be made for the procurement of vaccines to meet the acute shortage in the state, which had received fewer than 44 lakh vaccine doses so far from the government of India, the statement said. We scaled up the vaccination capabilities to about 5 lakh people a day. "Britain started its vaccination programme in January this year, and in that month itself, it had enough vaccines to cover 75% of its population", he said. "The Indian government pumped in money to increase production only last month whereas the United States started investing in production of vaccines in March, 2020", Sisodia said. Covaxin, which is manufactured by Bharat Biotech, was out of stock for 18-44 age groups for the last two weeks and now Covishield manufactured by Serum Institute of India (SII) too have gone out of stock now.