Ex-aide says Boris lied over Covid response

  • Ex-aide says Boris lied over Covid response

Ex-aide says Boris lied over Covid response

Cummings resigned after a tumultuous period in the Johnson administration, as he clashed with other officials, broke government agreements, and sparked national outrage with a 250-mile (400 km) road trip at the height of the first shutdown of the pandemic. "It was then replaced by Plan B. But how "herd immunity by Sep" could have been the plan until that week is a fundamental issue in the whole disaster".

Downing Street insists that allowing large numbers to catch the virus and become immune to prevent its spread had never been its plan.

- British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's chief adviser Dominic Cummings is set to leave his position by early 2021, as a power struggle at the heart of government became public this week.

He said the COVID plan "was supposed to be "world class" but turned out to be part disaster, part non-existent".

Cummings said that thousands of people were "choking to death" and the NHS collapsed, because neither the Health Secretary or the Cabinet Office understood what the herd immunity would lead too.

Home Minister Priti Patel, who was questioned by the BBC on Sunday, said that joint immunity was not "absolutely" the government's initial objective.

But the UK Health Security Agency chief said allowing people to become infected "has never been on the agenda". She also said that colleagues who were in top-level meetings on COVID-19 at the start of the pandemic would "absolutely recognise that from the discussions that we had".

Ahead of that appearance before the joint Commons Health and Tech Committee meeting on Wednesday, he issued a series of tweets to allege that the United Kingdom " s official policy was to let the deadly virus spread through the population and thereby achieve so-called "herd immunity", and that it was only later realised by Downing Street that would be a "catastrophe".

'At the time of a crisis, when government is making very, very tough decisions, hard decisions, we put public life and protecting the public at the forefront of all those decisions'.

Dr Jenny Harries said she had "never been in a government meeting where herd immunity was put forward as a mechanism of control" for the pandemic.

"What you're looking at in a population is to try and see at which point your population would be safe, and this is what we do with this very successful vaccination programme", she said.

He added that many people were "happy to believe Hancock's bullshit" that herd immunity was not the plan "so they didn't have to face the shocking truth".

Following Ms Patel's interview on Sunday morning, he said herd immunity had not been a "secret" policy but "official strategy" explained on TV and radio.

'Our response has at all times been focused on saving lives and ensuring the NHS was not overwhelmed.

Mr Cummings said No 10 later realised it would be a "catastrophe".

The Prime Minister has reportedly been paid a six-figure advance for Shakespeare: The Riddle of Genius.

A government source last night described the Shakespeare claim as "total nonsense".