Rep. Jim Jordan clashes with Anthony Fauci over ‘freedom’ at House hearing

  • Rep. Jim Jordan clashes with Anthony Fauci over ‘freedom’ at House hearing

Rep. Jim Jordan clashes with Anthony Fauci over ‘freedom’ at House hearing

"We're talking about a pandemic that has killed 562,000 Americans".

Things did not calm down until Clyburn stated, "I think Mr. Jordan knows me very well, and he knows full well that we're going to handle this".

"I just told you that", Fauci said, to which Jordan responded, "No, you haven't given anything specific".

After Fauci told him that precautions to prevent spreading he virus can be lifted after the nation vaccinates as many people as soon as it can and infections decrease, Jordan again demanded "What measure, what standard, what objective outcome, do we have to reach before before Americans get their liberty and freedoms back?"

"It's a public health thing", Fauci continued, accusing Jordan of turning the issue into a "personal thing".

At one point, Fauci told Jordan, "I think you're making this a personal thing, and it isn't". "And I think that's the problem, I think, Dr. Fauci has here because Dr. Fauci is trying to take a rational approach against people who have an emotional place in this".

Dowd said, "Well, I think this is fundamentally about the attack on science and data, and if it doesn't agree from numerous GOP perspective as science or data or knowledge or information doesn't agree with basically their emotional stand, they want to ignore it".

"I want to know when Americans will get those First Amendment liberties back", the lawmaker said as he pressed Fauci.

"You're not a doctor, Mr. Clyburn", Jordan shouted back, noting that the American people wanted to hear from Fauci on the issue, not the SC congressman.

'My recommendations are not a personal recommendation, it's based on the CDC guidance, which is underscored.' Fauci continued, before being interrupted by Jordan. "That's what we're talking about". Jordan asked, after arguing that some people have been censored because they disagreed with Fauci.

"You're asking for a number".

Fauci later said the country is experiencing about 60,000 daily cases and restrictions couldn't be dropped until under 10,000 cases were being tallied. "At that point, and up to that point, there would be a gradual pulling back of some of the restrictions you're talking about". You've given us thoughts on all kinds of subjects.

'Guess what! The press isn't allowed in those facilities, ' Jordan said.

"I just did", Fauci responded. "I'm actually asking a question that the citizens I get the privilege of representing and my name actually goes on the ballot".

"No, you are!" Fauci said sharply.