Olympics gymnastics coach kills himself after being charged

  • Olympics gymnastics coach kills himself after being charged

Olympics gymnastics coach kills himself after being charged

The state of MI announced two dozen felony charges including 20 counts of human trafficking on Thursday against John Geddert, the head coach of the 2012 Olympic gymnastics team and one of the closest allies of disgraced former team doctor Larry Nassar.

The complaint also alleges that Geddert, in January 2012, sexually assaulted and penetrated a victim between the ages of 13 and 16, and coerced the victim to submit to his authority, which is first-degree criminal sexual conduct.

Geddert, wholed the USA women's gymnastics team at the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London, was charged with 20 counts of human trafficking and forced labor resulting in injury, one count of racketeering, two counts of criminal sexual conduct and one count of lying to police, according to a state criminal complaint filed in Eaton County.

The charge of lying to police was tied to allegations that Geddert's knew about Nassar's crimes.

The 63-year-old coach was charged with 24 felonies Thursday in Eaton County, Michigan. "The victims suffer from disordered eating, including bulemia and anorexia, suicide attempts and self harm, excessive physical conditioning, repeatedly being forced to perform even when injured, extreme verbal abuse and physcial abuse, including sexual assault".

"We do believe that the human trafficking charges are applicable to the set of circumstances you'll be hearing about when all of the evidence is produced in court".

Attorney Chris Bergstrom's office, which represents Geddert, and the MI attorney general's office confirmed his death to ABC News.

Nessel said at a news conference that it was her understanding he had turned himself in to law enforcement and would appear at a court arraignment about an hour later.

Geddert served as head coach for the 2012 US women's Olympic gymnastics team that took home the team gold medal in London.

Female gymnasts often train as children and young teenagers for 30 hours a week or more, and their competitive careers at the highest level of the sport typically peak before they turn 18. But the bulk of the case against him involved his gym in Dimondale and how he treated the young athletes whose families paid to have them train under him. Nassar was the team doctor for the 2012 gymnastics team. The two were friends and business associates and three of Nassar's sexual assault convictions occurred at Twistars.

Among the charges, Geddert was accused of lying to investigators in 2016 when he denied ever hearing complaints about Nassar.

Much still remains unclear about how he was not stopped sooner.

Geddert was suspended by USA Gymnastics in 2018 before also turning over control of Twistars to his wife.

Elite gymnasts have made similar accusations.

The Nassar scandal wasn't the first time Geddert had been connected to reports of abuse. "He practically fingers me", she said, according to people who were present. Mr. Geddert didn't seem to notice, those people said.

MSU's Board did not immediately respond to an email requesting comment.

United States women's gymnastics team coach John Geddert celebrates with the rest of the team after the USA won gold in the women's team artistic gymnastics event at the London Olympic Games on July 31, 2012.

Attorney General Nessel also has convicted MSU's Dean William Strampel of misconduct in his office and has a case pending against the school's president President Lou Anna K. Simon.