Biden orders review of United States supply chains for key products, sectors

  • Biden orders review of United States supply chains for key products, sectors

Biden orders review of United States supply chains for key products, sectors

U.S. President Joe Biden and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau meet via video link, as pictured in the White House in Washington on February 23, 2021.

"Human beings are not bartering chips".

The proclamation in April previous year cited a need to protect United States jobs amid high unemployment rates caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The White House is touting that the extensive talks - held by video because of the Covid-19 pandemic - will provide a "roadmap" for future relations. The Democratic president said it had prevented families from reuniting in the United States and harmed USA businesses, it added.

But the highly dependent on supply chains that reach around the world, and the same can't be said of the raw materials that go into the most valuable piece of an electric vehicle: the battery pack.

The executive order, Biden told reporters on Wednesday is about making sure that the country can meet every challenge it faces in this new era - pandemics, but also in defence, cybersecurity, climate change, and so much more. The meeting discussed climate change, coronavirus and economic recovery and other related issues.

In addition, Biden said they agreed to re-establish the Cross-Border Crime Forum and to do all they can to tackle racism and discrimination in their systems.

If confirmed as US trade representative (USTR), Tai would face early questions over Mexican and Canadian compliance with the new North American trade deal, USA prospects for rejoining an 11-nation Pacific agreement that Trump quit, and making trade policies serve other Biden priorities such as climate change.

No one expects anything to change on that front; Biden made that abundantly clear by signing the project's death warrant on Day 1 of his administration, and Ottawa has shown little appetite for a fight.

However, Biden has not revoked the Trump order issued last June that prohibits some foreign citizens from coming to the U.S. on new temporary work visas, including the H-1B visa for specialty occupations.

"We don't have the processing we need at the border, obviously we're continuing to struggle with facilities to ensure that we're abiding by Covid protocols", Psaki continued.

The goal of the meeting was to strengthen the strained ties between Canada and US. The Canadians are cited for spying and help confined in jail since 2018.

"There are very real ways that China is creating challenges for countries like ours, but also challenging worldwide rules and norms that provide for stability in the world, and of course is engaged in practices that are frightful human-rights violations", the prime minister said. The U.S. has sought the extradition of Meng - who is the daughter of the company's founder - to try her on fraud charges. Her extradition case remains pending in Canadian courts. "We will work in partnership with the Government of Mexico, and partners on the ground, to facilitate the safe processing of current camp residents who qualify for this program".