Myanmar's bloodiest day of protest since coup

  • Myanmar's bloodiest day of protest since coup

Myanmar's bloodiest day of protest since coup

Also on Saturday, anti-coup protesters in Myanmar's two largest cities paid tribute to a young woman who died a day earlier after being shot by police during a rally against the military takeover.

Governments from Western countries and Asia, and the United Nations condemned the crackdown and threatened further action against the Myanmar military and security forces for the arbitrary killing of civilians. Another one died later with a bullet wound to the chest."Police were not available for comment".

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A funeral auto heads to a graveyard in the suburbs of Naypyitaw, Myanmar, on February 21, 2021, carrying the coffin of a young woman who was killed after riot police opened fire on anti-coup protesters in the capital on February 9. Several were injured, reportedly by live fire and rubber bullets.

The media and residents witnessed almost 100 security personnel made up of soldiers and riot police in more than one dozen army trucks deployed on Sunday.

In the main city of Yangon, several thousand young people gathered to chant slogans, while hundreds massed peacefully in the second city of Mandalay.

Some 500 police and soldiers descended on the area near Yadanabon dock after dock workers joined the national civil disobedience movement, refusing to work until the military junta that seized power in a February 1 coup reinstates the democratically elected government.

Both residents and protesters were forced to flee the area as security forces chased after them, The Associated Press reports.

There were reports of sounds that resembled gunfire.

It is the deadliest day in the two weeks of anti-coup demonstrations, and comes amid fresh global condemnation.

Less than an hour after the 8 p.m. curfew started on Wednesday, gunshots were heard as more than two dozen police officers with shields and helmets marched past railway workers' housing. Video on social media shows her sheltering from water cannon with her sister behind a bus stop in the moments before the shooting.

- At least two people have been killed in Myanmar in the city of Mandalay in what is believed to be the single bloodiest day of protests against the military coup that happened nearly three weeks.

An impromptu memorial created under an elevated roadway in Yangon attracted around 1,000 protesters.

"Some of the aggressive protesters were also injured due to the security measures conducted by the security force in accordance with the law", the newspaper said without mentioning the deaths.

The growing condemnation comes as protesters returned to the streets on Sunday ahead of the funeral of a young woman who died on Friday after being shot in the head during a protest.

As dusk fell Sunday in Yangon, Monywa and Myitkyina, protesters held candlelight vigils and prayer ceremonies to pay tribute to the dead.

"I am horrified at more loss of life, including a teenage boy in Mandalay, as the ruling junta escalates its brutality in Myanmar", Tom Andrews, the U.N.'s independent investigator for human rights in the Southeast Asian country, said on Twitter.

In Mandalay on Saturday, a protest led by medical university students drew more than 1,000 people, many of whom also carried flowers and images of Mya Thwet Thwet Khine.

Since the coup, people have protested in the tens of thousands and established a civil disobedience campaign. It had already taken down other accounts linked to the military.

Some protesters fired catapults at police in Mandalay who responded with tear gas and gun fire, though it was initially not clear if they were using live ammunition or rubber bullets. The Kachin ethnic minority has always been in conflict with the central government, and there has been an intermittent armed struggle against the army there for decades.

The generals justify the coup by claiming fraud in November's elections, which the Suu Kyi's party won in a landslide.

The military allege the NLD's landslide election win past year was fraudulent but have not provided proof.

Opponents of the coup are sceptical of the army's promise to hold a new election and hand power to the victor.