Australia administers first Covid-19 vaccines

  • Australia administers first Covid-19 vaccines

Australia administers first Covid-19 vaccines

Australia has reported just under 29,000 COVID-19 cases and 909 deaths since March 2020.

The first person to get the vaccine in Melbourne was Monash Health medical director for infection prevention Rhonda Stuart, who got her first dose first thing this morning.

"It's fantastic that we've got to the stage where we can be vaccinating people to protect ourselves against it".

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison received the first dose of a Covid-19 vaccine on Sunday, calling the start of the nation's vaccination programme a 'massive step that will enable it to return to normal.

The first phase of the program will involve vaccinating residents and staff in aged and disability care, along with border and hotel quarantine workers and people in frontline healthcare roles.

Under the Australian Government's plan, quarantine and border workers and aged care residents are on track to be vaccinated by April 2021.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said it was a landmark day in Australia's comeback from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The vast majority of the population will be injected with the AstraZeneca vaccine, which can be produced locally, by the end of October.

"Every Australian will be given the opportunity to receive a COVID-19 vaccine, free of charge that has been proven to be safe and effective by our own medical experts".

"Tomorrow our vaccination programme starts, so as a curtain-raiser today we're here making some very important points - that it's safe, that it's important, and we need to start with those who are most vulnerable and are on the front line".

The number of hospital-based vaccination clinics will increase as more doses of our approved vaccines arrive in Australia.

"As we rollout the COVID-19 vaccines across the country, we will be asking as many Australians as possible to come forward to be vaccinated, to protect themselves, their families and their communities from this highly infectious disease".

'Phase 1-B vaccinations of immunocompromised people and those over 70 years old, as well as Indigenous Australians over 55 years old and emergency service workers, are to follow.

"It is about confidence", Health Minister Greg Hunt told ABC's Insiders program on Sunday on Mr Morrison getting the jab at the start of the national rollout.

Facebook restricted access to Australian news content last week in response to the federal government's proposed media bargaining code.

Doses of the Pfizer inoculations, which need to be kept at temperatures well below freezing, were still being distributed to 16 vaccine hubs around Australia in preparation for the broader rollout of the vaccines on Monday.

"We would also like to thank the government and the Colombian people for the confidence that they have placed in the Sinovac vaccine", the ambassador said.