What's In President Biden's Big Covid-19 Relief Bill

  • What's In President Biden's Big Covid-19 Relief Bill

What's In President Biden's Big Covid-19 Relief Bill

"I'm open to that", Mr.

"I'm grateful that the Senate and the House are moving quickly", Biden said Friday in MI after touring a Pfizer vaccine manufacturing plant.

"Republican leaders, searching for a way to derail the proposal, on Friday led a final attempt to tarnish the package, labeling it a 'payoff to progressives.' The bill, they said, spends too much and includes a liberal wish list of programs like aid to state and local governments - which they call a 'blue state bailout, ' though many states facing shortfalls are controlled by Republicans - and increased benefits for the unemployed, which they argued would discourage people from looking for work", the newspaper reported.

Biden, however, suggested it's Republicans that should get on board with his plan because the American people want them to "act big and quickly". "And my hope is that the Republicans in Congress listen to their constituents". "According to the polls, there is overwhelming bipartisan support". "Americans need help. House Republicans don't care".

"We think it's very important to have a big package [that] addresses the pain this has caused - 15 million Americans behind on their rent, 24 million adults and 12 million children who don't have enough to eat, small businesses failing", Yellen told CNBC.

Speaking about Democrats' push to advance the bill through reconciliation, McConnell said: "We're off to a totally partisan start".

Biden spoke as the House prepares to take up the legislation next week, with Senate action to follow. "I would say that it was not clear to me how the administration came up with its $1.9 trillion figure for the package".

"What would they have me cut?"

House Democrats on Friday unveiled the text of their proposed $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package, which President Joe Biden pitched during a trip to MI. Plus, two moderate Democrats - Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona and Joe Manchin of West Virginia - have expressed opposition to the $15 wage in the package, making passage even harder in a 50-50 split Senate.

Aides to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) also circulated a memo Friday indicating they planned to challenge the legislation aggressively once it reaches the Senate floor under the rules of "budget reconciliation", which would allow it to pass with a simple majority vote instead of the 60 votes normally required. Biden asked during remarks at the Pfizer plant. "God willing, this Christmas will be different than last, but I can't make that commitment to you".