Texas Blackouts: Lawmaker Tweets Mocked California's Power Woes

  • Texas Blackouts: Lawmaker Tweets Mocked California's Power Woes

Texas Blackouts: Lawmaker Tweets Mocked California's Power Woes

Hundreds of thousands of people in Texas woke up Thursday to a fourth day without power, and a water crisis was unfolding after winter storms wreaked havoc on the state's power grid and utilities.

An August tweet in which Sen.

Fast forward to right fucking now, when millions of Texans are without power because the power grid of Cruz's oil-loving home state is buckling under the strain of a winter storm.

In Texas, more than 3 million customers were still in the dark Wednesday afternoon, according to poweroutage.us, which tracks outages nationwide.

Cruz was a leading Republican voice even before he ran for president in 2016. Twitter users on Tuesday were making fun of Cruz's tweet given the circumstances in Texas, accusing him of hypocrisy, and, in some cases, responding angrily to the six-month-old tweet.

Super PAC Really American is raising funds to put up billboards in Texas calling GOP Sen. "People are freezing to death", Lisa Falkenberg, the opinion editor of the Houston Chronicle, tweeted.

The primary cause of the power outages, officials for the Electric Reliability Council of Texas - or ERCOT - said Tuesday, seemed to be the state's natural gas providers, many of which are ill-equipped to withstand low temperatures "on equipment or during production", the Texas Tribune reported.

The Lone Star State's brush with a grid-crippling climate catastrophe has reminded numerous downright antipathetic reactions Texas Republicans had last summer, when extreme heat necessitated rolling blackouts in parts of California.

But over the course of the past few days, Texas residents have suffered through freezing temperatures and risky conditions that the state, which relies on natural gas for power, was largely unprepared for. The rest of the contiguous USA states are on either the Eastern Interconnection or Western Interconnection grids.Most of Texas is on ERCOT, except for El Paso and parts of the Panhandle and eastern Texas.