Winter storm death toll continues to climb across U.S.

  • Winter storm death toll continues to climb across U.S.

Winter storm death toll continues to climb across U.S.

Other causes included auto crashes and carbon monoxide poisoning. Delays are expected to be brief and are not expected to dramatically affect vaccination efforts over time.

President Joe Biden declared an emergency in Texas in a statement on Sunday night.

The weather-driven destruction this week did not come exclusively from ice and snow; in coastal North Carolina, a tornado killed three and injured at least 10 others early Tuesday morning, though it was unclear how it was meteorologically related to the winter storm.

The National Weather Service was "very surprised how rapidly this storm intensified. and at the time of night when most people are at home and in bed, it creates a very unsafe situation", Emergency Services Director Ed Conrow said.

In Chicago, a foot and a half of new snow forced public schools to cancel in-person classes for Tuesday.

While he said all of Texas' energy sources share blame for the power crisis - at least one nuclear power plant has partially shut down, most notably - the natural gas industry is producing significantly less power than normal.

The National Weather Service (NWS) said the winter storm will move towards the northeast United States before "making a beeline for eastern Canada". Four million people lost power in Mexico.

A motorist takes photographs the sunset from a snow-covered road in Austin, Texas, on Monday, Feb. 15, 2021, after a storm dropped several inches of snow across the city.

Thirty-five warming shelters were opened to accommodate more than 1,000 people around the state, FEMA said during a briefing.

More than 500 people sought comfort at one shelter in Houston.

Stephanie Murdoch, 51, began bundling up inside her Dallas condominium wearing blankets, two pairs of trousers, three pairs of socks, a hat and gloves since the power first went out early Monday.

Production of natural gas in the state has plunged, making it hard for power plants to get the fuel necessary to run the plants.

"It's worse than a hurricane", Harrell said.

The breakdown sparked growing outrage and demands for answers over how Texas - whose Republican leaders as recently as a year ago taunted California over the Democratic-led state's rolling blackouts - failed such a massive test of a major point of state pride: energy independence. But so far, the blackouts have not been rolling; many Texans have been without power for hours while others have had no interruptions.

Texas declares state of emergency as dangerous winter storm causes power outages for millions

Oklahoma Gas & Electric rescinded plans for more blackouts but urged users to set thermostats at 68 degrees Fahrenheit (20 degrees Celsius), avoid using major electric appliances and turn off lights or appliances not in use.

"So that's a 30-degree temperature difference from the inside to the outside", Rhodes said.

County officials distributed the doses that could have spoiled at three hospitals, Rice University and the county jail because there were large groups of people available who would not have to drive and appropriate medical personnel present.

Texas officials said more than 400,000 doses due now will not arrive until at least Wednesday because of the storm.

After a brief lull on Tuesday, rough weather including potential twisters was expected to return on Wednesday into Thursday, Grams said.

Four died in Monterrey, three of them homeless people who succumbed to exposure and one person who died at home from carbon monoxide poisoning from a heater.

Sharon Benson, 63, said her roof was damaged and her garage door blown off. Windows were shattered and nearby trees were uprooted.

"This is a complete bungle", she said.

"What we're protecting against is worse", he said. Authorities said three young children and their grandmother, who were believed to be trying to keep warm, also died in a suburban Houston house fire early Tuesday.

"It's not really going to warm up until at least Friday", said David Roth, of the NWS Weather Prediction Centre.

Texas law enforcement reported that two men were found dead along Houston-area roadways.

A man in Louisiana died after slipping on the ice and hitting his head, officials said, and a 10-year-old boy died in Tennessee after falling into an icy pond.

Several cities in the U.S. saw record lows as Arctic air remained over the central part of the country. At midday, more than 2,700 United States flights had been cancelled, led by more than 800 at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport and more than 700 at Bush Intercontinental in Houston.