Japan kicks off COVID-19 vaccination drive

  • Japan kicks off COVID-19 vaccination drive

Japan kicks off COVID-19 vaccination drive

"The lack of progress towards peace is leaving millions of people suffering from the impacts of war and the global COVID-19 pandemic, whilst limiting humanitarian access to extremely vulnerable communities", he said.

The rollout will be in three phases: the first will be between February and April targeting frontliners, the second will target high-risk groups between April and August, and the third will be for all those above the age of 18 between May this year and February 2022.

That is why the United Kingdom is calling for a vaccination ceasefire to allow Covid-19 vaccines to reach people living in conflict zones and for a greater global team effort to deliver equitable access.

The "HERA incubator" programme, which begins Wednesday, will bring together the pharmaceutical industry, laboratories, health authorities and researchers, Ursula von der Leyen told French daily Les Echos on Tuesday. So far, the government has provided conditional approval to just Pfizer-BioNtech for its vaccine.

Lynn Sutfin, a spokesperson for the state health department, said Michigan's allotment of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines must be divided up among state and local health departments, tribes, hospitals, pharmacies, and federally qualified health care centers.

With a population of under 10 million that is home to over 200 nationalities, 37 per cent of respondents were motivated to take the vaccine as national duty, and 33 per cent said they would vaccinate as social duty contributing as global citizens. "We also hope to have all our upcoming shipments authorised as scheduled, Your Excellency".

There are also fears that millions of the Pfizer-Biontech vaccine doses could be wasted due to a shortage of syringes required to maximise the number of shots from each vial.

"In short, vaccination is very important to protect not just ourselves but our loved ones, our family, colleagues, surrounding neighbours and the whole community", the prime minister added.

"This is another step forward in realising the National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme, which is the largest vaccination programme to be implemented in the country", he said, adding that the handbook can be downloaded from the website www.VaksinCovid.gov.my, which was also launched yesterday. Their commitments are critical to the timely and secure delivery of vaccines and critical supplies.