CDC director speaks out on reopening schools

  • CDC director speaks out on reopening schools

CDC director speaks out on reopening schools

"That would be optimal if you can do that but practically speaking when you balance of getting children back to school with the fact that the risks are being mitigated if you follow the recommendations of these new guidelines from the CDC, hopefully that will alleviate concerns on both sides".

This first reared its head two weeks ago.

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky previewed upcoming guidance by saying the evidence pointed in that direction.

The new model, which the CDC released on Friday, says only K-12 schools in cities and areas with low or moderate virus transmission, depicted through various color-coded zones, can fully reopen for in-person learning, as long as physical distancing and mask-wearing is enforced.

Biden has mostly stayed close to the White House since taking office almost a month ago, leaving the D.C. area only for weekend trips to his DE home and the Camp David presidential retreat in the Catoctin Mountains in Maryland. But each time, it emphasized the first part - prioritizing teachers for vaccination - while talking around repeated efforts to get more of a commitment on the latter part. She then talked about the importance of teachers.

Harris again avoided a direct answer, emphasizing the importance of other precautions in reopening schools. While she spoke of measures to increase school safety, Sanders did not directly address the question about unvaccinated teachers, and Berman took notice.

He said comments by White House press secretary Jen Psaki earlier this month that one day a week of in-person learning would meet his goal were "a mistake in the communication".

In a two-hour phone call with Mr Xi this month, Mr Biden emphasized the USA priority of preserving a free and open Indo-Pacific region, where the U.S. and China are major strategic rivals.

"It's not a trick question", he said. The vice president has been clear. He also said that there's problems with school busses, and called for teachers "to be moved up in the hierarchy" for vaccines. But so far they have repeatedly avoided endorsing the position of the health officials whose scientific guidance Biden assured the nation would be the North Star of his administration's coronavirus response. "I think teachers should absolutely be priority among those who we consider essential personnel". And that we are going to rely on science. And when it comes to implementing the Biden administration's plans to reopen schools, it's understandable that they would have a seat at the table.

Regarding progress on COVID-19 vaccinations, "when we came into office, there were only 50 million doses available; by the end of July we'll have 600 million doses - enough to vaccinate every single American", he said, adding that his administration had spoken with vaccine makers Pfizer and Moderna "and they not only agreed to go from 200 to 400 to 600 million doses, we got them to move up the time, and used the National Defense Act to help the manufacturing piece of it, and get more equipment, and so on". So the White House has changed its tune on the 100-day goal and is aiming higher.