Taliban warns US-led NATO forces to not extend ‘occupation’

  • Taliban warns US-led NATO forces to not extend ‘occupation’

Taliban warns US-led NATO forces to not extend ‘occupation’

At least 30 Taliban fighters have been killed after a bomb accidentally detonated during a bomb making class.

The 209th Shaheen Corps explained the Taliban group included at least six foreign nationals who were apparently expert mine makers.

The spokesman, however, failed to identify the nationality of the foreigners killed in the blast but said the blast took place at 9:25 a.m. local time.

Despite their expertise, they had gathered at the Afghani mosque to learn more about how to create different types of bombs, including improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

In a separate incident, two children were killed by an IED planted by the Taliban in Qotar Blaq village in Kunduz province, security officials reported.

In Brussels, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg called on Monday for Taliban militants in Afghanistan to do more to meet the terms of a 2020 peace agreement to allow for any possible foreign troop withdrawal by a May deadline.

"If we decide to stay we risk to continue to be in a hard military operation in Afghanistan and we risk increased violence also against North Atlantic Treaty Organisation troops".

Violence has escalated in Afghanistan over recent days, with multiple bomb blasts in the capital Kabul this week killing a senior police officer and a number of civilians.

The ministers of the 30 North Atlantic Treaty Organisation member states will meet on Wednesday and Thursday to hold their highest-level talks since US President Joe Biden took office vowing to work closer with allies after four years of tensions under Donald Trump.

Biden's administration says it is reviewing the deal, and the Pentagon has accused the Taliban of not fulfilling promises that include reducing attacks and cutting ties to insurgent groups like Al-Qaeda.

North Atlantic Treaty Organisation is weighing up whether to withdraw the roughly 10,000 troops from the region and will meet this week to make a final decision.

"Our message to the upcoming North Atlantic Treaty Organisation ministerial meeting is that the continuation of occupation and war is neither in your interest nor in the interest of your and our people", the Taliban said in a statement.

"We see that there is still a need for the Taliban to do more when it comes to delivering on their commitments.to make sure that they break all ties with worldwide terrorists", Stoltenberg said.

"Our common goal is clear: Afghanistan should never again serve as a haven for terrorists to attack our homelands", Stoltenberg said.