Congress Must Act Quickly to Secure Higher Minimum Wage

  • Congress Must Act Quickly to Secure Higher Minimum Wage

Congress Must Act Quickly to Secure Higher Minimum Wage

According to CBS News, the federal minimum wage hasn't been raised since 2009, which is the longest period of time it has gone without change since the idea of the minimum wage was passed in 1938.

President Joe Biden has also included a provision to boost the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour in his $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief plan.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2018, there were 81.9 million workers or 58.8% of all wage and salary workers 16 and up in the US that were paid at hourly rates. "If local food prices remain steady while earnings increase for low and minimum wage workers, then that could mean increased purchasing power for things like fresh fruit and vegetables for the consumers that need it most".

It's been nearly a dozen years since the federal government increased the minimum wage to $7.25 an hour. With all this being said, the increase of minimum wage in the U.S has been a controversial topic for years.

Combined, one in every three working people in Virginia will benefit from raising the wage.

"Let's be clear. The $7.25 an hour federal minimum wage is a starvation wage", said Senator Sanders. If this comes into effect, the 1.7 million workers who experience pay at the minimum and under could have a chance of escaping poverty.

Almost one-third of Black Americans and one-fourth of Latinos would get a raise. The time for talk is over.

A study conducted by the Commonwealth Institute found that more than a million Virginians would have their wages raised under the Raise the Wage Act of 2021, while another 254,000 Virginians who make just above the new minimum would see increases as well as employers seek to maintain wage scales and reward seniority. "This legislation is a key part of Democrats' commitment to not only recover from these crises, but to Build Back Better - and to do so in a way that advances justice, prosperity and equality for all Americans".

In 2019, The Leadership Conference testified before the House Education and Labor Committee in support of the Raise the Wage Act.

Phase out lower minimum wages for youth workers and workers with disabilities.

"The elimination of the tip credit will cut the take-home wages of thousands of tipped employees who make far above the proposed minimum hourly wage", Kennedy said in the release.

"Throughout this pandemic, Democrats and Republicans alike have joined together in rightly calling our frontline workers 'heroes.' But despite their tireless work and the risk of COVID exposure, too many of these workers are paid wages so low, they can't afford to pay for even their most basic needs. We won't accept carve-outs and we won't accept leaving anyone behind".