GitHub apologises for firing Jewish worker following 'Nazi' warning

  • GitHub apologises for firing Jewish worker following 'Nazi' warning

GitHub apologises for firing Jewish worker following 'Nazi' warning

GitHub employees raised concerns about why the company would fire an employee immediately, according to a statement by COO Erica Brescia.

After an outcry from fellow employees, GitHub investigated the matter and said it revealed "significant errors of judgment and procedure".

GitHub, which is based in San Francisco, fired the unnamed employee on January 8 but later engaged an outside investigator to conduct a probe after other employees complained about the action.

It was announced that a new job offer was made for the Jewish employee who was sacked after the incident. News of the internal row was first reported by Business Insider.

Tech company GitHub says a Jewish worker who was sacked for warning that Nazis were among the Capitol rioters can have his job back. Another employee had taken offense to the remark, which after consideration was a statement deemed "not conducive to company policy". Brescia said, after an independent investigation, the company found "serious errors in judgment and procedures" regarding the employee's dismissal.

That same day, the human resources department chastised the Jewish employee for using the word "Nazi" in the workplace.

That result has cost the company's head of HR they job as they resigned.

"Others have already said so, but just want to say it explicitly myself - I think that nazis were present at some protests on Jan 6, and that it's very scary to see those ideas on display", a senior engineer wrote a company Slack channel titled #inclusion-belonging. One widely circulated photo of a group of rioters inside the US Capitol included a man wearing a shirt that read "Camp Auschwitz", in reference to the Nazi concentration camp where more than 1 million people were killed.

In Sunday's blog post, GitHub reiterated some statements it had previously issued condemning the violence at the Capitol. It was stated that an apology message will be published on the company's blog page at the weekend.

"It was appalling last week to watch a violent mob, including Nazis and white supremacists, attack the US Capitol".

"Employees are free to express concerns about Nazis, antisemitism, white supremacy or any other form of discrimination or harassment in internal discussions".