Epic Games and IMG introduce football to the world of Fortnite

  • Epic Games and IMG introduce football to the world of Fortnite

Epic Games and IMG introduce football to the world of Fortnite

Fortnite is kicking off one of the game's biggest Battle Royale collaborations even later this week, with the arrival of soccer (football, not helmets and shoulder pads) to the game.

Fortnite is introducing new Football skins and emotes in the Kickoff Set. The list includes 23 clubs across five continents, including three MLS clubs. Twenty other top teams from around the world are also involved. Check out the video below to see how the emote looks in the game.

Nate Nanzer, global head of partnerships at Epic Games, explained the collaboration to ESPN: "We think about the evolution of Fortnite, and all of the different IP integrations that we've done and bringing all these different worlds into the game, I think we've done a pretty fantastic job across movies and comics".

The handsome game of fútbol (soccer) is coming to Fortnite this week and fans are clamoring to be the first to take the virtual field.

Scottish giants Celtic are one of the clubs that has opted to join the Fortnite revolution, with the assistance of Epic Games and IMG.

We tell you how to participate in the Fortnite Pelé cup.

Additionally, the game partnered with Brazilian legend Pele for the Pele Cup, beginning January 20. We brought all these fantastic worlds together.

Now, soccer fans can choose from football clubs like Juventus, AC Milan, Manchester City, AS Roma and Atlanta United, among many others, and play as women or men characters.

Insider Insight: Capitalising on the growing popularity of Fortnite, football clubs across the globe will dive into the realm of esports, which has become intrinsically linked to football in recent years, with professional players such as Neymar competing in the video game's tournaments.