Nest Hub & Google Smart Display Receiving A Major Update

  • Nest Hub & Google Smart Display Receiving A Major Update

Nest Hub & Google Smart Display Receiving A Major Update

Google's smart speaker, display and Google Assistant, all in one is called the Google Nest Hub which retails in India for INR 8,999. If you wish to create a new alarm, simply tap on "set an alarm' after which the traditional scrollable time setter appears, select the time of your alarm and then select from the following options; to determine whether the alarm repeats, for instance, if you wish to set a daily alarm only for when you have workdays, you can do so by selecting Repeat Monday to Friday". You can now (well, if the features have rolled out to your unit) use your display as a sunrise alarm, put the Google weather frog as a background, leave sticky notes for your family to read, and more.

Google has added a new alarm interface for smart displays. Google has also added a prominent Set An Alarm button in the lower left-hand corner.

This Nest Hub sunrise setting also gives more controls to choose from, like you can set how long the effect lasts, whether smart lights in your place should follow suit, or whether a small tone should play before it starts. The background will change depending on what the weather is like and time of day, so it isn't just static. Sunrise comes as part of a tweak to the way alarms are handled on touchscreen-fitted Google Nest devices, including the Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max. Previously, there were three ambient background options, i.e. Google Photos, Google's curated art pieces, and different full-screen clock designs.

Apparently, a new card on your home screen will remind you about this new addition.

A new card on your homescreen should tell you about it, but you can also say, "Hey Google, set up my photo frame", or swipe up from the bottom of the screen and go to Settings Photo frame.

Besides, you can also head over to Settings Photo frame, and you will see the Weather Frog as the fourth option. This will be your ambient display, and any notes, reminders, calendar events, or other notifications will pop up on the right. These abilities, including Sticky Notes, have been slowly rolling out to some users, but they're showing up on more devices now.

The Google Nest update with Sunrise is slowly rolling out now, so keep checking your bedside click to find out whether you've got the latest features.

With Family Sticky Notes, users will be able to add notes to the Hub's screen for other family members to see. Otherwise, Google will create a regular note. The features were originally detailed as part of a major UI refresh for Google Assistant-equipped smart displays that was announced past year. It basically includes quick access to Family Bells, Life360 tracking, fun questions, and activities for kids.