Trade issues in N.Ireland will get worse, says UK's Gove

  • Trade issues in N.Ireland will get worse, says UK's Gove

Trade issues in N.Ireland will get worse, says UK's Gove

Britain is no longer part of the European Union's single market and customs union, but the British-run region of Northern Ireland has a foot in both camps under a post-Brexit trade deal - it is part of the UK's customs territory, but also still aligned with the EU's single market for goods.

The pause will be as "short as possible" - with the firm hoping to resume deliveries next Wednesday. It will issue a service update on Tuesday with more up-to-date details on the status of the service.

"It's been a challenging few days for our worldwide operation and our teams have been working round the clock to process your data for parcels bound for Europe and the Republic of Ireland", the DPD statement read.

The company claimed that up to 20% of parcels destined for the European Union are being returned to senders due to incorrect or incomplete customs data and that it will review its road services into Europe over the coming days.

"It has now become evident that we have an increased burden with the new, more complex processes, and additional customs data", DPD said, adding that this was weighing on turnaround and transit times.

A government spokesman - reported by the BBC - said: "The grace period for supermarkets and their suppliers is working well, goods continue to flow effectively between Great Britain and Northern Ireland and we are working intensively with industry as new requirements come in".

Struggling firms can use an override code to complete safety and security Entry Summary Declarations (ESD) - a key customs formality - which will in turn make Revenue aware of which firms need help in adapting to the new customs formalities.

The company said that it was "only right to pause and review" its UK-Europe road service in light of the "unprecedented circumstances" it is facing.

"It is clear that many were not as prepared as they thought or significantly underestimated what was involved in being Brexit-ready", a spokeswoman for the agency responsible for customs checks said in a statement.