Samsung betting big on robots with CES 2021 presentation

  • Samsung betting big on robots with CES 2021 presentation

Samsung betting big on robots with CES 2021 presentation

Samsung has unveiled the latest development in Samsung's growing robotics lineup - Bot Care and Bot Handy - at CES this year. Among fresh launches is its new range of bespoke refrigerators that you can mix, match and combine into different configurations. The product will also be introduced in Thailand.

The South Korean electronics conglomerate also detailed its AI ecosystem and smart home software, as well as its sustainability efforts. At the front, two eyes are shown on a screen that expresses emotions. The first is its shift to its DRAMs and SSDs in its data centres and servers, which can apparently make a 7TWh (Tera-Watt-hour) difference in energy consumption.

"Our innovations are created to provide a more personal and intuitive experience that expresses the user's personality, with AI as the core enabler". "We're hard at work to bring you next-generation innovation, with AI as the core enabler, for your better tomorrow". The new four-door model will be available in North America this spring. The result is a spectacularly immersive viewing experience with astounding picture quality. Samsung said its newest TVs will include a Quantum AI processor that can upscale HD content to a pristine 8K resolution. As per the company, the Samsung 110-inch MICRO LED will be released globally this spring.

Meanwhile, SmartThings Cooking is a new home automation service which features an automatic meal planner that recommends food for the course of the entire week.

At the CES 2021, Samsung announced a host of devices at the ongoing CES 2021. During and post-workout, Smart Trainer provides feedback on form, helps you count your reps, and estimates calories burned. With video and interactive training via Bixby-enabled voice control, Samsung Health Smart Trainer elevates and personalizes the home workout experience.

The line-up includes a robot vacuum cleaner which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to identify cables and fragile objects when tidying. Samsung uses a combination of sensors and AI-enhanced object recognition technology to navigate its vacuum cleaner around your home with "the same efficiency and care you do".

The Jet Bot can be controlled by Samsung's SmartThings app for home monitoring through the camera, mapping, scheduling, and setting virtual no-go zones.

The updated Samsung Bot Care is a "robotic assistant and companion" that helps to take care of the details in your life.

The other home bot is Bot Care - this is sort of an Alexa on legs, a robotic assistant that can respond to your needs and even learn your schedule and habits and help you as you go about your day.

Samsung says it has always been at the forefront of AI and robotics innovation but these latest mechanical machines are the closest thing yet to actually having a robot in your home.

The robot is called Bot Handy, and Samsung says it'll be able to recognize objects using a camera and AI, reports The Verge.

The Samsung robots are now in development, and therefore, it is not known if and when the device will be launched in the market.