Razer says this is the world's smartest mask

  • Razer says this is the world's smartest mask

Razer says this is the world's smartest mask

It wouldn't be CES 2021 without insane tech concepts. Razer said it'll be "the world's smartest and most socially friendly face mask".

Although a COVID-19 vaccine is rolling out around the globe, Razer still sees a potential market for facial masks into the future. Razer calls its Project Hazel a "surgical N95", but the gadget hasn't gained any approvals or certifications from the Food and Drug Administration, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or the Centers for Disease in Control.

PC gamers love their RGB lighting. That ventilation system promises to deliver active air cooling to keep you fresh and cool under the mask too.

"Razer acknowledges the uncertainty in the road ahead, and so it was our duty to help protect our community members and prepare them from invisible threats", said Min-Liang Tan, co-founder and CEO of Razer. "The Project Hazel smart mask concept is meant to be functional, yet comfortable and useful for interacting with the world, while maintaining a sociable aesthetic". The tight-sealed design of the mask is also ideal for avoiding airborne droplets, which are a primary threat during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Razer says the bacterial filtration efficiency Smart Pods on either side of the mask can remove at least 95% of airborne particles while also being easy to replace when needed.

One of the most unique aspects of Project Hazel is the special charging case that's lined with a UV light interior.

"In addition, because masks can also muffle voices, a new Razer VoiceAmp Technology (patent pending) uses a built-in microphone and amplifier to enhance the user's speech for clear communication while staying safe in social situations", the company says. And of course, like practically every gadget Razer sells today, Project Brooklyn features full Chroma RGB lighting so the entire rig can blink and pulse in sync with the rest of your gaming gear. If you want to get this in the future, provided Razer actually manufactures it, you better start saving up now. Wearing this, people you're talking to will be able to see you smile or grimace and read facial cues more easily. Although this is far from an essential feature, it's a fun added benefit. The chair also features 4D armrests, tactile Razer HyperSense feedback, and a leather-stitched seat. Considering the amount of included technology, though, prospective buyers can expect this mask to be reasonably expensive.