Judge Blocks Execution Of Only Woman On Federal Death Row

  • Judge Blocks Execution Of Only Woman On Federal Death Row

Judge Blocks Execution Of Only Woman On Federal Death Row

However, Judge James Hanlon said a competency hearing should be held first.

It is one of three executions the U.S. Department of Justice had scheduled for the final full week of Republican President Donald Trump's administration. Ten federal inmates have since been put to death.

Unable to have a child, Montgomery carefully identified her victim - 23-year-old dog breeder Bobbie Jo Stinnett - online.

Prosecutors said her motive was that her ex-husband knew she had undergone a tubal ligation that made her sterile and planned to reveal she was lying about being pregnant in an effort to get custody of two of their four children. Montgomery's lawyers argue that her date is inconsistent with Missouri law and violates the Federal Death Penalty Act.

Convicted murderer Lisa Montgomery pictured at the Federal Medical Center (FMC) Fort Worth. Cory Johnson, 52, is scheduled for execution on Thursday for his involvement in the murder of seven people almost three decades ago.

Montgomery, now aged 52, was due to be executed on Tuesday at the Federal Correctional Complex in Terre Haute, Indiana. In addition to Montgomery, two men are scheduled for federal execution this week.

Montgomery was to receive a lethal injection on Tuesday at a federal penitentiary in Terre-Haute, Indiana. She hasn't been able to continue that hobby or read since her glasses were taken away from her out of concern she could commit suicide.

"Few human beings have lived through the kind of torture and trauma that was inflicted on Lisa Montgomery by her mentally ill, alcoholic mother", veteran death penalty lawyer Kelley Henrytold Oxygen.com in a statement in October.

Montgomery's lawyers, though, have argued that sexual abuse during Montgomery's childhood led to mental illness.

Judge Patrick Hanlon granted the stay late Monday, citing the need to determine Lisa Montgomery's mental competence, the Topeka (Kan.) Capital-Journal reported.

Montgomery, the judge wrote, also suffered around the time of the killing from an extremely rare condition called pseudocyesis in which a woman's false belief she is pregnant triggers hormonal and physical changes as if she was actually pregnant.

They also said that declarations attorneys used from three experts about the state of Montgomery's mental health relied on outdated information.

Three expert witnesses who either treated or interviewed Montgomery concluded that her "perception of reality is distorted and that she is now unable to rationally understand the government's rationale for her execution". She was to be the first women to be executed by the United States government since 1953.

Details of the crime at times left jurors in tears during her trial. The preceding hours had been a blur in which Strong photographed Stinnett's body and spent a sleepless night looking for clues, unsure whether the baby was alive and with no idea of what she looked like.

Lisa Montgomery, who strangled Ms Stinnett with a rope before performing a crude cesarean and fleeing with the baby, awaits execution Tuesday, just eight days before the presidential inauguration of death penalty opponent Joe Biden. Montgomery eventually confessed, and the rope and knife used to kill Stinnett were found in her auto.

She is now 16 years old and hasn't spoken publicly about about the tragedy.