CES 2021: The tech show prepares for its first ever virtual convention

  • CES 2021: The tech show prepares for its first ever virtual convention

CES 2021: The tech show prepares for its first ever virtual convention

While most events through 2020 have already happened at least once in the virtual format, this will be the first edition of the coveted Consumer Electronics Show that will be hosted virtually, with the 2020 edition being one of the very last tech conferences that was hosted physically before the pandemic put regular things on a halt.

Gary Shapiro, president of the Customer Know-how Affiliation (CTA), which organises the convention, has stated the event this calendar year will be "making history" as its "first all-digital show".

At the press event, Samsung also vowed to bolster technology education with programs including Samsung Solve for Tomorrow and Samsung Innovation Campus.

ES is normally held each January in Las Vegas, with hundreds of exhibitors and extra than 170,000 attendees coming to see a extensive range of new gadgets unveiled.

Among futuristic glimpses offered by LG were a "virtual human influencer" in the form of a software-created woman who spoke glowingly about a new robot being unveiled, and progress developing a "rollable" smartphone screen that can change size.

Also on display will be an array of workplace health gadgets, from smart thermometers to air purifiers and sanitizing robots.

As millions of Americans remain home and rely on tech to stay entertained, connected and healthy during the pandemic, streaming services, 5G connectivity and digital health devices will stand out in the tech sector in 2021, according to the CTA.

Other devices aim to help cope with the isolation of coronavirus lockdowns including companion robots and monitoring systems for the elderly living alone.

Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg will deliver the CES 2021 keynote address. "We wish them a successful virtual show and we are excited to welcome them back to Las Vegas with open arms next year".

Some unveilings that would normally draw crowds in Las Vegas are going ahead in the virtual space: Audi is set to launch its electric sports auto, and LG will show off a large bendable display for gamers; other companies will be releasing gadgets adapted to superfast 5G wireless networks which are gaining traction.

The four-day CES 2021 features more than 1,900 exhibitors from around the world, showcasing virtually the latest trends and innovation in artificial intelligence, 5G, digital health, smart cities, vehicle tech and beyond.