Aussie chief medical officer "concerned" over efficacy debate on COVID-19 vaccines

  • Aussie chief medical officer

Aussie chief medical officer "concerned" over efficacy debate on COVID-19 vaccines

The EMA, which is based in Amsterdam, is a European Union agency that supervises and evaluates the use of various medicines for both humans and animals.

British-Swedish pharmaceutical company along with the Oxford University have applied for a market approval of their COVID-19 vaccine in the EU, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) said in an announcement on Tuesday.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen called the development "good news" in a tweet.

If endorsed by the EMA and formally approved by the European Commission, the AstraZeneca vaccine would become the third coronavirus inoculation available in the bloc after BioNTech-Pfizer's shot and Moderna's jab.

Earlier, Malapitan said that the city government earmarked a budget of P125 million for the procurement of COVID-19 vaccines.

The AstraZeneca vaccine has the major advantages of being both easier to store than others and relatively low-priced, costing about 2.75 euros ($3.40) per dose.

Moderna announced that deliveries to Europe were due to begin yesterday.

The efficacy of the AstraZeneca / Oxford vaccine is 90% for the volunteers who first received a half dose, then a full dose a month later, but only 62% for another group which was however more vaccinated. with two full doses one month apart.

But she added the federal government should be "finessing up our strategy and making sure that we deliver for Australia the most effective vaccines".

He also said that they will borrow an additional P1 billion to ensure that each resident will receive a free COVID-19 vaccine. They have been provided, she said on Tuesday, and they are being reviewed.