Manatee in Florida had ‘Trump’ scraped on back

  • Manatee in Florida had ‘Trump’ scraped on back

Manatee in Florida had ‘Trump’ scraped on back

It's not a good month for Florida, but when is it ever a good month for Florida?

The Citrus County Chronicle reported Monday that a manatee, a large aquatic mammal sometimes referred to as a "Sea Cow", was found with the words "Trump" scraped in its back.

Senior federal wildlife officer Craig Cavanna-who is leading the investigation for FWS-told the Citrus County Chronicle that the agency was "following leads", but could not comment on the ongoing investigation. The seasonal influx of the West Indian manatee is well known along the Nature Coast. "Laws protect the animals from harassment by swimmers and those operating vessels". "Wildlife conservation is a core value in Citrus County".

Call the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation hotline at 888-404-3922 to report information. Manatee are also protected by the Florida Manatee Sanctuary Act of 1978, which states: "It is unlawful for any person, at any time, intentionally or negligently, to annoy, molest, harass, or disturb any manatee".

Harassing a manatee, a federal crime, is punishable by a $50,000 fine and up to one year in prison under the Endangered Species Act.

And though it should go without saying, just for clarity: Leave the manatees out of this, fuckheads.