Facebook, Google will let most employees work from home through 2020

The Google boss said that there will be certain moments or occasions where employees can come into the office.

He also told the employees that the company will begin opening its offices in June or July for those who need to work on-site.

Employees have been working from home since March, and, as technology companies adapt to the new normal, it is hard to see how work life can return to the old way of doing things after such an extended period. According to a report by The Information (via 9To5 Google), Alphabet Inc CEO Sundar Pichai told the employees that all Googlers who are able to work remotely will continue to do so till the end of 2020.

The majority of people, who are able to work from home without it affecting them too much, will continue to do so until this whole thing is completely done with.

Facebook HQ in London.

The social media company said that it would prioritise the return of "critical" employees who can't work remotely.

According to Gopalakrishnan, at least 20-30 per cent of IT employees would continue to work from home even after the lockdown is lifted and the situation returns to normalcy.

The offices at Google Germany. As reported by Variety, the companies are allowing their staffs to work from home before returning to office as early as 2021.

Google's work from home policy is already in place until June and with this announcement, employees get to work remotely for the rest of 2020.

This trend of continual working from home could provide some employers with valuable time in which to prepare and adapt their workspaces for enhanced safety protocols and social distancing when we're eventually allowed to go back.

Some employees are nervous about returning to work in the middle of a global pandemic.