Trump admits Michigan Congressmen met to discuss coup

  • Trump admits Michigan Congressmen met to discuss coup

Trump admits Michigan Congressmen met to discuss coup

Stay tuned!' Trump tweeted.

Biden was declared the victor in Georgia after a hand recount this week.

'I believe that the numbers that we have presented today are correct.

After a series of court defeats, the Trump team is resting its hopes on getting Republican-controlled legislatures in battleground states won by Biden to set aside the results and declare Trump the victor, according to three people familiar with the plan.

Trump's bid to cling to power appeared ever more tenuous on Friday after Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger announced a manual recount and audit of all ballots cast in the southern state had confirmed Biden as the victor there.

"But because I've been part of the process, I've had to be more guarded", he said.

The Floyd County board met for about an hour on Thursday in a special session that ended with a vote to dismiss Floyd County Chief of Elections Clerk Robert Brady.

Alaska's conservative Senator Dan Sullivan told reporters Trump has "a high bar" to prove his claims the election has been stolen by Democrats.

Of the 2,600 discovered ballots in Republican-leaning Floyd County, a lot of them went for Trump. Biden now has a 154,187 vote lead over Trump in the Great Lakes State.

The result in Georgia gave Biden 306 electoral votes, a total that Trump called a "landslide" when states delivered him that number in 2016.

Official certifications of election results in the 50 states have started rolling in, and are expected to show that Biden won some 6 million votes more than Trump, and 306 votes in the Electoral College that determines the victor, compared to Trump's 232.

Yet on Saturday morning, he also continued to claim that fraud would be unearthed in MI.

President-elect Joe Biden made President Trump's response to the virus a top issue in the recently-concluded race for the White House, though Trump has yet to acknowledge the outcome.

"This is true, but much different than reported by the media", said Trump, quote-tweeting Shirkey's statement. We will show massive and unprecedented fraud!'

Michigan Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey and Speaker of the House Lee Chatfield confirmed the long odds of any such strategy after meeting the president at the White House on Friday afternoon.

They said, however, that they will "follow the law".

Their statement also included language saying fraud should be "taken seriously" and be prosecuted if uncovered.

Wrote Shirkey and Chatfield: "Michigan's certification process should be a deliberate process free from threats and intimidation".

It came after they got hounded by protesters upon arriving in Washington.

Julie Campbell-Bode is the Board Chair and says, "the last voices that they heard before getting onto that place to fly down to the White House was the voices of the people". Earlier this week, Trump fired an official from his own administration who had debunked election misinformation, most of which came from Trump and the White House. Having taken in more than an initial $7 million target largely from wealthy donors, they turned to their campaign's vast mailing list of small donors, asking - according to a fundraising note - for contributions as small as $25.

A coalition of state election officials and the Trump administration's Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency have declared that the election was the most secure in history.