That Mysterious Demon's Souls Door Has Finally Been Opened

  • That Mysterious Demon's Souls Door Has Finally Been Opened

That Mysterious Demon's Souls Door Has Finally Been Opened

The mystery of the locked door stands solved faster than anticipated.

Bluepoint's remake of Demon's Souls launched alongside Sony's next-gen (now current-gen) console and players quickly discovered a mysterious door that was not present in the original 2009 PS3 game. The mystery rose to greater heights after everyone realized this door was not in the original version of the game.


Just a few days ago, we wrote up a story on Demon's Souls and its new mystery door. He got the credit for being the first person to open the door after he shared the following image on Twitter. Similar to what it had done for the PS4 remake of Shadow of the Colossus, Bluepoint added collectible coins scattered about the world of Demon's Souls. The revelation might not have lived up to its hype, but the satisfaction mostly lies in solving it. Fans took notice of Bluepoint Games' enigmatic door after it was quickly uncovered behind an illusory wall in Boletaria, and the reason it was odd was because it was not present in the original PlayStation 3 release of Demon's Souls. As it turns out, the solution to opening the door lay with one of the new items added to the Demon's Souls remake, the Ceramic Coin. These Coins were hidden across different Fractured Worlds with either Pure White or Pure Black tendency. Though they could be consumed for a small health boost, the Ceramic Coins were best traded to Sparkly the Crow, a crow merchant who could swap items dropped near its nest for other items (like a powerful Fragrant Ring for a Brass Telescope). This corpse is wearing the full Penetrator armor set and sword, which is the actual reward.

Bluepoint actually showed off the secret veranda area in a tweet it sent out to prominent Demon's Souls streamers. Until then, happy slaying in Boletaria.