Taliban Kills at Least 23 Afghan Soldiers in Latest Attacks

  • Taliban Kills at Least 23 Afghan Soldiers in Latest Attacks

Taliban Kills at Least 23 Afghan Soldiers in Latest Attacks

The uptick in fighting comes amid rising numbers of Taliban attacks and little progress on the Afghan peace talks in Doha.

The strike in a village in Takhar province came Wednesday after suspected Taliban fighters targeted Afghan security forces in the area.

Earlier this month, Taliban launched its first large-scale attack since the signing of a peace deal with the USA in February, in Helmand province [File: Watan Yar/EPA]"Fighting is still continuing and the Taliban have also suffered heavy casualties", Jawad Hejri, a spokesman for the governor of Takhar province told AFP.

As per the report, soon after the deal was finalised, the United States" Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) began carrying out a mission (jokingly known as "Taliban Air Force'), which helps the old foes Taliban with air support in its fight against ISIS in Afghanistan's northeastern Kunar Province by listening to their communication.

He said that "resistance" by the people against the Taliban will increase unexpectedly if the group is thinking they will win militarily.

"Those who spread rumours will be dealt with", he wrote on Facebook.

Local villagers claimed that security forces attacked terrorists' position Wednesday night, to avenge the loss of security forces in the village.

The ministry has said it will launch an investigation into the matter. The Taliban last Friday agreed to halt their attacks on condition that the USA stop its airstrikes in the area.

On Friday, Human Rights Watch slammed a top Afghan leader for ordering the arrest of the individual who reported the civilian casualties from the airstrike in Takhar.

According to the correspondent for The New York Times in Afghanistan, Mujib Mashal, the air strike "hit the wrong place" and the 12 victims were children who were studying.

However, the Afghan Ministry of Defense, which confirmed that the Afghan Air Force carried out the raid, denied civilian casualties. "The free expression rights of those reporting on alleged violations should be respected".

The United States signed an agreement with the Taliban in February to promote a negotiated end to the 19-year-old conflict, and talks between the insurgents and the US -backed government began more than a month ago. This has led to many personnel of the Afghan forces being martyred.