More Than 50 Million Vote Early In US Presidential Election

  • More Than 50 Million Vote Early In US Presidential Election

More Than 50 Million Vote Early In US Presidential Election

Elections BC says due to the significant increase in these types of ballots - with mail-in votes growing in popularity due to the COVID-19 pandemic - it's possible there will be a further delay.

An estimated 478,900 vote-by-mail packages have already been received by Elections BC as of Friday morning. The previous single-day record before 2020 was set in 2016, with 24,615 ballots cast on the first day of advanced voting.

Voters still have time to turn their voting packages in.

Gov. Phil Murphy, a Democrat, in August signed an executive order saying the state's election would mostly be conducted by mail-in ballots due to the coronavirus.

In Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, mail-in ballots can not be counted until Election Day.

Thursday, 48 new vote centers opened across the valley, leading to more than 11,000 votes cast-in person in one day.

23 is the last day you can request a new ballot be mailed to you.

Pennsylvania and Wisconsin may be slowed by their lack of experience with high volumes of mail-in ballots. Outside of Regina and Saskatoon, the Martensville-Warman constituency had the largest number of residents applying to vote by mail, with 1,146 applications approved.

Pennsylvania's vote counting could go on for days.

Hundreds of lawsuits about voting have been filed before the November 3 election.

The ballots are sent to the district where the voter lives for this process to take place. A judge has yet to rule on Democrats' challenge to the Republican secretary of state's rule that drop boxes must be located on county property and not at grocery stores or other community sites, but the impact of any ruling this close to the election is expected to be minimal.

On election night in 2018, Arizona Republican Martha McSally appeared to be on the road to victory in the state's US Senate race, telling her supporters she was going "to bed with a lead of over 14 000 votes".

By this time in 2018, Maricopa County had counted almost 487,000 ballots.