Microsoft Azure announces its first region in Austria

  • Microsoft Azure announces its first region in Austria

Microsoft Azure announces its first region in Austria

The MDC can give customers a path to migrate apps to Azure while still running these workloads on-premises with low-latency connections to their own datacenter. Currently, this region only supports Azure workloads but will add support for Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365 and Power Platform over the course of the next few months.

The partnership with SpaceX will see Elon Musk's company provide satellite-powered Internet connectivity on Azure, helping connect Microsoft's newly announced modular data centers.

MDC can provide onsite augmentation of compute and storage capabilities, managing and operating high-performance applications in the field, IoT and real-time analytics workloads that require ultra-low latency, and standing up cloud applications to support critical infrastructure recovery. The idea is to plop them down on the earth where needed, even in "extreme" environments. Microsoft described them as being "in early use with defense and private sector organizations".

The new connectivity partnerships are in addition to the recently-announced Azure Orbital ground station service and ExpressRoute satellite provider partnerships with SES, Intelsat and ViaSat. Elon Musk's SpaceX has launched closed to 800 Starlink satellites, which are only enough to provide internet in select regions as of now, including the northwest USA, but the company aims for a near-global expansion by the end of 2021.

Microsoft has created a portable Azure datacentre 4

The Azure Space cloud computing unit will be used for things like simulation of space missions, gathering and interpreting satellite data, and providing global satellite networking capabilities through new and expanded partnerships.

Meanwhile, this deal will help Microsoft take another substantial step into the space industry. The Azure Orbital Emulator lets satellite developers use artificial intelligence algorithms to align satellite networks before launch.

The company said it is now working to provide a "AzureSpace" platform that aims "to meet the needs of the space community" and aims to "make space a connected field". Microsoft is also partnering with the Ministry of Economy "to help job matching for up to 25 million workers and is offering free digital skilling with the capacity to train up to 5.5 million people" and to use its AI to protect the rainforest. Imagery from satellites helps determine crop stress, predict yields, and enable the adoption of sustainable agriculture.