The Crown star and creator impressed with Princess Diana actress' talents

  • The Crown star and creator impressed with Princess Diana actress' talents

The Crown star and creator impressed with Princess Diana actress' talents

"We are sorry to say that Martin is seriously unwell with Covid-19 related complications", a spokesperson told The Sun.

The 57-year-old, who made headlines across the world with his 1995 interview with Princess Diana, is now BBC News religion editor.

"Bashir himself is seriously unwell with Covid-19 related complications and we can not put any of these questions to him". Everybody on the BBC is wishing him a full restoration.

This was the first time a member of the royal family had given such a revealing interview, sending shockwaves through the monarchy.

Bashir is famed for his explosive Panorama interview with Princess Diana in 1995, during which she admitted to an adulterous affair.

That interview has seen renewed interest in the lead up to a new Channel 4 film, which examines the circumstances behind their meeting, airing on Wednesday night. "BBC records from the period indicate that Martin had explained to the BBC that the documents had been shown to Earl Spencer, and that they were not shown to the Princess of Wales".

The documents showed payments worth £10,500 from two companies, one of which was News International, and the other was from a company with an invented name.

If all goes as planned (according to the site, the negotiation has now reached the final stages), the British actor will play alongside Elizabeth Debicki, who will take the place of Emma Corrin as Lady Diana's interpreter.

Nearly 23 million viewers watched the historic TV interview in 1995, which came after the breakdown of Diana's marriage to Prince Charles, as the late Princess uttered the now immortal words: 'There were three of us in this marriage', in reference to the Duchess of Cornwall (then Camilla Parker Bowles).

Up until now, Hastings had not gone public with his interview with the late Princess because he wanted to "keep a lid on the worst of this", and thought that much of what Diana said "on several occasions" was "for the fairies".

The broadcast attracted 23million viewers and launched Bashir's career in journalism.

Mr Bashir is also known for interviews with pop star Michael Jackson and the suspects in the Stephen Lawrence case.

He resigned from MSNBC in 2013 with an apology for calling former USA vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin a "world-class idiot".