Wales bars travelers from UK COVID-19 hotspots

  • Wales bars travelers from UK COVID-19 hotspots

Wales bars travelers from UK COVID-19 hotspots

Under the new regulations people living in England's Tier Two - "high" alert level areas which include Chester and Cheshire West and Tier Three - "very" high level - which includes the Liverpool City Region will be banned from travelling into Wales.

'People should not be travelling between the areas facing local restrictions without defined reasonable excuses.

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"The number of coronavirus cases across Wales is growing and our health service is coming under pressure as more people fall ill", he said.

Labour's Mark Drakeford has declared that he is "genuinely baffled" by the Prime Minister's refusal to put in place measures to stop people travelling to Wales and other areas from coronavirus hotspots in England.

Mark Drakeford said he was introducing the measure - which will apply to Tier 2 and Tier 3 areas of England - after Prime Minister Boris Johnson did not respond to two letters asking him to enact the policy across the UK.

Speaking at the Welsh Government's Covid-19 press briefing on Friday afternoon, Mr Drakeford said introducing a circuit-break is the "the option that is most actively under consideration" for reducing levels of Covid-19.

The Welsh Government is finalising its regulatory approach to the travel restrictions which are planned to come into force on Friday October 16 at 6pm.

"I'm quite sure that as they did so successfully earlier in the year, they will help us to do that again".

"Our police were very successful in persuading those people that they had crossed the border into Wales where the rules were different, they weren't allowed to travel onwards and those people turned around and went home".

The Police Federation of England and Wales said "policing in Wales is already over-stretched due to the pandemic" and the new measures would add "yet another level of complexity to policing".

The Labour Party leader also said holiday providers in Wales should not accept bookings from people in hotspot areas of the United Kingdom as he warned existing getaway plans "will no longer be able to be honoured".

Meanwhile the Commons Leader Jacob Rees-Mogg called Mr Drakeford's plan for stricter measures at the Welsh border "unconstitutional".

"To keep Wales safe, we are introducing these new, wider travel regulations to make it clear that people living in areas with a high prevalence of coronavirus in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland can not travel to parts of Wales where there is low prevalence".

Mr Drakeford added that it was not "sensible" for Boris Johnson to dismiss a second national shutdown.

"There were a small number of people who weren't willing to do so and fixed penalty notices had to be applied".

People living in the central belt of Scotland and this living in Northern Ireland will also be banned.

"It's why we're taking this action now, to give people a good period of time to understand that if you did book a holiday in those parts of Wales, I'm afraid that holiday will now no longer be able to take place".

He added that police officers will also carry out extra patrols on main roads.

The government will also seek to agree additional interventions in consultation with local authorities.