Trump wishes Harris 'the best' after aide tests positive for COVID-19

  • Trump wishes Harris 'the best' after aide tests positive for COVID-19

Trump wishes Harris 'the best' after aide tests positive for COVID-19

The other was being described as a non-staff flight crew member who was not immediately identified.

Harris had been scheduled to travel Thursday to North Carolina and OH on Friday, both competitive states in the presidential race.

O'Malley Dillon added that Harris has taken two tests for COVID-19 since October 8 and has tested negative, the news outlet reported.

The Biden campaign told reporters Thursday morning that Harris' communications director, Liz Allen, and a flight crew member tested positive after a recent campaign trip to the southwest. During the plane flight, Dillon said Harris, Allen and the non-staff flight crew were all wearing N95 masks and that the vice-presidential nominee "was not within 6 feet for more than 15 minutes with either of them".

Contact tracing is already underway, Dillon added.

The senator took two PCR COVID tests since the October 8th flight and both were negative, with the last negative result Wednesday, October 14th, according to the campaign.

She said that she had tested negative twice this week and is not experiencing any symptoms.

But while neither Harris nor Emhoff met the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention definition for close contact, the campaign said their upcoming events would be canceled out of caution. Today's exceedingly cautious steps are part of that commitment, ' Dillon said.

In a subsequent statement Thursday afternoon, O'Malley Dillon said that a member of the company that charters Biden's airplane tested positive for the coronavirus. And the choice of Kamala Harris - the first-ever person of Indian origin to be featured on major party ticket - as the vice presidential candidate for the Democrats has made Hindu-Americans a major vote bank for Biden. Her travel schedule will resume Monday. "But we're also very mindful, you know, as we see this uptick in COVID, that safety is the most important element of what we're doing and ensuring that nobody's in harm's way, and we'll continue to do that", O'Malley Dillon said.

Biden, 77, is challenging President Donald Trump, a Republican, who is seeking another term in the November 3 presidential election.

Trump and close to a dozen key members in his orbit, including senior White House and campaign staff, also announced positive coronavirus test results in the days before and after Trump tested positive.