Renault Megane eVision concept previews new EV model

  • Renault Megane eVision concept previews new EV model

Renault Megane eVision concept previews new EV model

The Dacia Spring is 3.74 meters (147 inches) long, 1.77 meters (69.7 inches) wide (mirrors included) and stands 1.52 meters tall; the wheelbase is 2.42 meters (95.4 inches).

The Renault Megane eVision contains a 60kWh battery pack under the floor and a single 160kW e-motor driving the front wheels - a power figure Renault claims is one of the most powerful engines on sale - and a range of around 450km.

Safety features are pretty comprehensive given the car's budget billing, with a speed limiter, auto emergency braking, auto headlights, six airbags and the ability to contact the emergency services all thrown in as standard. Users can use their phones to unlock the vehicle and for geolocation, while this version is quite well-equipped with smartphone mirroring, rear parking sensors and a reversing camera.

The concept vehicle blends a series of current and future styling cues including a new evolution of Renault's signature hanging daytime running lights and narrow radiator grille stemming from the central badge, while the headlights are contained within said grille. If you prioritise range over power, there's an Eco mode that provides 10% more range by lowering the motor's output to 31 hp (23 kW) and top speed to 100 km/h. The standard charging cable connects to a conventional household plug socket and recharges the battery in 14 hours, but you can get wallboxes and 30kW fast-charging as optional extras. With a CCS connection, getting from a zero to 80% state of charge will take less than an hour with a 30-kW DC terminal.

Dacia offers an eight-year/120,000-km battery warranty with the EV, along with a three-year/100,000-km factory warranty.

At the same press conference, Groupe Renault revealed the new Chinese-built Dacia Spring which it said will be "the most affordable new EV in Europe".

The first auto sharing editions will be available in white and light grey, this version will come with black PET seats (in stain-resistant artificial leather), front door and boot sills, front and rear floor mats, black grained handles and mirrors for greater durability and 14-inch Flexwheel wheels.

That's not all, as there's also the Spring Electric Cargo for commercial use, which removes the rear seats to extend the boot area.

The loading length of this version is 1,033mm, with a volume of 800 litres and a payload of 325kg.