NASA hits Nokia to carry LTE to the Moon

  • NASA hits Nokia to carry LTE to the Moon

NASA hits Nokia to carry LTE to the Moon

Nokia's plan is to build a 4G/LTE network, and eventually transition to 5G. NASA is sending troops of astronauts at the Artemis missions to the moon in 2024, and this time around, these scientists and astronauts will probably be able to share their experience on the moon via 4G network and we, on earth, may see their posts on social media from there! The company has shown interest in bringing high-speed cellular connectivity to the moon in the past as well, but now NASA She made a decision to give Nokia $ 14.1 million for herself. It's not the first time that we see the company trying to develop technology for lunar missions, as it had done something similar in 2018.

San Francisco, Oct 18 (IANS) NASA has awarded Nokia of the United States $14.1 million to deploy a 4G cellular network on the moon.

Recently, the NASA had informed that it has picked 14 USA companies, including several small businesses, as partners and awarded them United States dollars 370 million in total to develop a range of technologies that will help forge a path to sustainable Artemis operations on the Moon. "Most of the money went to large space companies like SpaceX and United Launch Alliance to ideal techniques to make and handle rocket propellant in space".

NASA's goal is to make the moon a place that astronauts will want to live and work on the moon in a lunar base by 2028.

"The system could support communication on the lunar surface over greater distances and higher speeds and offer greater reliability than the current standards", the announcement also says. The company intends for the network to support wireless operation of lunar rovers and navigation, as well as streaming video.

"We want to build the [lunar] infrastructure.that is going to enable an global partnership for the biggest, broadest, most diverse inclusive coalition of researchers and explorers in the history of humankind", quoted Bridenstine as saying.

For now, to set up the network on the Moon, Nokia will test the current terrestrial 4G communication equipment and will modify the systems to suit the lunar environment.