Mario Kart Live Home Circuit Has Launched!

  • Mario Kart Live Home Circuit Has Launched!

Mario Kart Live Home Circuit Has Launched!

You can purchase the game for the suggested retail price of $99.99 United States dollars and you can choose between a Mario kart or a Luigi kart.

As expected with the Switch's great multiplayer capabilities, the Home Circuit game can be played with up to four people as long as each gamer has their own Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit cartridge as well as Mario or Luigi karts. However, the karts are controlled by humans, who are seemingly enjoying turning the tables, and chasing their cats around with Mario and Luigi. Nintendo now doesn't ship any bundles of Mario Kart Live with a physical cartridge, and while the actual sets contain a bunch of items including the kart, gates, and wires, the cartridge is missing.

It also comes with two arrow markers, a USB charging cable, a Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit Notebook, and a Perimeter Board.

The latest Mario Kart title from Nintendo is now available for the Nintendo Switch. Focusing heavily on the tropical nature and the game's use of water mechanics, these beauts come with a water-printed Formstripe on the lateral that would sit right at home in the GameCube classic.

The Mario Kart franchise is expanding to our real world with the release of Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit.

"Watch as your home is transformed into ocean depths, a sandy desert and more from the world of Mario Kart!".

One such student says she has been playing Mario Kart and other games for years. If you haven't pre-ordered, you can find the best deals and cheapest prices further down the page.