London due to move from Covid Tier 1 to Tier 2

  • London due to move from Covid Tier 1 to Tier 2

London due to move from Covid Tier 1 to Tier 2

The move was announced by the country's health secretary, Matt Hancock, on Thursday.

"Responding to this unprecedented pandemic requires hard choices, some of the most hard choices any government has to make in peacetime", Hancock told MPs.

Birmingham, part of the West Midlands, and other areas have been put under further restrictions after a rise in confirmed coronavirus cases, with London, Essex, and York set to enter the higher infection tiers from midnight.

A swathe of west London, as well as several council areas in the east, have seen the disease rise significantly and the capital as a whole saw 8,700 coronavirus cases in the week to October 10, up from 6,359 for the previous seven days.

"In London, we experienced the worst of COVID-19 back in the spring".

Mr Khan, who foreshadowed a tightening of restrictions in London earlier this week, said there was "simply no other option" as coronavirus infections were spreading "rapidly" in the capital.

The Mayor said it was false to suggest saving lives would impact the economy as restrictions on freedoms now would mean the impact on the economy will be less severe later.

"Nobody wants to see more restrictions, but this is deemed to be necessary in order to protect Londoners by myself, London council leaders and ministers", Khan said.

The mayor told the London Assembly: I must warn Londoners that we've got a hard winter ahead.

Liverpool was recently placed at Tier 3 and Greater Manchester and Lancashire are expected to be placed under the same restrictions shortly. The move comes after the city's mayor, Sadiq Khan, said that the capital had reached a "critical moment" in its fight against Covid-19.

The new three-tier system sees every area of England classed as being on medium, high or very high alert.